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This is a port of the Succubus DLC costume and Void Legion Priestess robes from the Chinese ARPG Bloody Spell.


Includes Black body stocking, underwear, SMP wings, SMP tail, horns, tattoo, nail, A simple fog teleportation ability, And a deformable breast body when it is squeezed


The heels have custom sounds and require Heels Sound from this site or Nexus


Robes include SMP hair and sleeves and red fingernails, and come in red, black, pink and gold(Google translated it to white but whatever I guess)


ESL-flagged .esp(ESPFE)


10/14: uploaded directly to loverslab

10/22: new file with additional colors

11/13: reuploaded face paint archive with esl-flagged .esp and Skyrim.esm as parent master

Edited by Infidel Destroyer

What's New in Version 11/13/2023 03:59 PM


Uploaded "fixed" face paint archive with ESL flagged .esp and Skyrim.esm as master

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