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Shaydow's Celestials *UPDATE* 05/15/14 V7.2

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File Name: Shaydow's Celestials *UPDATE* 09/21/13

File Submitter: Shaydow

File Submitted: 25 Jul 2013

File Category: Races




Celestial Mod for Skyrim

What is Celestials? Is it a race mod? A powers mod? An armor and weapons mod? A perk mod? The answer is all of the above. Celestial is a handcrafted mod made by myself that uses a mix of everything and the kitchen sink. The race has unique physical features, unique racial powers, special perks that affect the race, and access to Celestial Forms, special abilities that when used will transform you into an Angel, Devil or Shaydow Knight, and when in these forms grant new abilities and powers made specifically for the theme and playability of the mod.

Celestials is ONLY for FEMALE characters ( currently ), and is in the Adult section of Lovers Lab due to the theme of sexuality portrayed through the Armors and Lore.











Skyrim Version 1.9.32 or higher


RaceCompatibility . Visit the link and download the version you need if you don't already have it.


HDT's HighHeelSystem .




HDT Physics Extensions

Everything below this line is OPTIONAL, depending. Read through it to see what you may need \ want to get.




A compatible Skeleton with CB++BBP is REQUIRED for non-Celestials to use any of the Armor in the mod. The Skeleton must ALSO have TAIL BONES if you wish for your non-celestial race to use the tails. You WILL CTD if you're a non-Celestial without a proper skeleton!


Script Dragon is required ONLY IF you want the Forms Wings to give a jumping height bonus.



RaceMenu and CharGen Extension by Expired


These are BOTH required *IF* you want Celestials to utilize plugin for extra face sliders. See the screenshot section for examples. These mods also have their OWN requirements, so remember to check if you have everything you need before you start to play!


SkyUI by SkyUI Team is required to utilize the MCM for any of the other mods that Celestials may call on. While not required, it is highly recommended.


Celestials V6e and upwards has included a new set of High Heels and Stockings that are ONLY for users of the HDT HighHeel System. Users of the HDT system will have to equip the Celestial HDT Heels, then open the MCM, go to the HDT tab, then the custom tab, and add a height of 8 to the heels. This was done so that I could include these heels AND have them work WITHOUT having to have HDT as a REQUIREMENT. NOTE that if you want to enchant these Heels in game, you will need to REMOVE the custom HDT again using the MCM, enchant them, then re-add the custom 8 height to them. You will not see the enchantment listed on them, but it will be there. Either that or just enchant them before adding the custom height to them using the HDT MCM.














Note some of this information is now out of date. I am cleaning it up as time permits.


Celestials start with NO bonus to skills and all their starting regens are less then that of any Vanilla Race. You will start with a Special ability granted by the mod, Unleash Celestial Forms. When used, you will permanently unlock 4 new powers, Devil Knight, Angel Knight, Shaydow Knight, and Celestial Transform. These forms can be used anytime you like, and give incredible bonuses to armor, damage resistance, and depending on what Form you're in, other special properties ( more on the differences below ). The forms have no cooldown, so you can go in an out of forms whenever you like.

When taking a form all your current equipment will be replaced with the form, and you will be given new powers. Using Celestial Transform will turn you back into humanoid form, you will be naked, and have access to the Forms again.







( this needs to be updated )




While in any of the forms you may not equip ANY other item except weapons. This includes rings, necklaces, amulets, and armor. You also can not temper ( upgrade ) the forms armor or weapons. This should keep you popping out of forms regardless for crafting / bartering / etc. The good news is that the forms will allow you to gain skill in BOTH heavy armor AND light armor at the same time. With 5 points in each of the armors starting skills plus the armor rating on the forms itself, at around the same level you should be around equal to or greater than a full legendary Daedric / Dragon armor set.



Celestial Specific Perks :


First thing first, if you are using another mod that changes perk trees and LIKE that mod, please load it AFTER Celestials in your load order. If you like my perks more then please load Celestials AFTER any other perk effecting mods.


So what do you get with Celestial Perks? Well I tried to add original ideas that are both fair and balanced, and in most cases you have to be using the Celestial Mod to use them. For example, in 1 handed I added a new perk tree on the opposite side of dual wielding, these perks mimic what the dual wielding perks do, at a slightly lower amount, but instead of having to dual wield, you have to have a 1 handed weapon in the RIGHT hand AND a spell in the LEFT hand. If you have say have a spell in the right and a 1 hander in the left it won't work, and if you have a weapon in the right and a shield in the left it won't work. If you have 2 weapons, well then the vanilla perk kicks in and it doesn't matter if you spent the points on my perks or not. The perk IS called Battle-Mage after all, and was made to cater to Battle - Mages, something the Celestial Forms are.


The armor specific perks work a little different. They stack with all other vanilla armor perks, but will ONLY work IF you are either in a form. You don't want to use them, don't play a celestial. don't want to bonus when using Celestial forms, don't use them. They are there to add a little extra to do when playing the game \ my mod. Note that as time goes on ( as of 9/12/13 ) I still have plans to add in other perks, specifically for spell casters, so this entire perk entry is subject to change.










Newest Celestials Release download link :






Celestial VampireLord Replacer Addon

REQUIRES CELESTIALS V4 OR HIGHER. NMM Compatible ( drop the zip in your NMM mod folder)



VampireLord Addon with Original Vampire Lord Wings ( as seen in the first Video below )






Hand Picked Animation Pack Download and Videos

This package does not require ANYTHING, however, it is recommended to get PCEA to use with them. Please see the included README in the download for all the information you will need.



Download Link



Animation Mashup Video Part 1






Animation Mashup Video Part 2






Animation Mashup Video Part 3

















Vidoes ( all can be set to 720HD ):




Celestial V5 Transformation Videos :












Celestial V5 Legacy Sneak Peak ( now a part of the mod ) :










ScreenShots :



RaceMenu Plugin V6c:











Provided By Users :














If doing Dawnguard and becoming a Vampire Lord, leaving Vampire Lord form will make all the other vampires in the castle treat you as though you are not a vampire. You can solve this until I can fix it by opening your console with the ` key and typing "player.setrace CelestialRaceVampire" ( without quotes ). I have removed all the ugliness that goes along with being a vampire, so you will not notice any change to your characters appearance should you do this.


Using any mod the alters the equipment slots for rings / necklaces / amulets will negate the negative downside of this mod, meaning you can still wear an item if it is not a default equipment slot. There is nothing I can do about this as it is that mod causing the issue.










V6e Update 9/21/13 **NOTE : I have permission from Aradia to use the meshes and textures in Celestials ( they were just too darn "celestial" to NOT want to use )**






-Celestial Dream got the following additional pieces :

; Glove B

; Jewelry B

; LegStraps A and B

; ArmStraps A and B

; Shoulders

; Shirt B

; Skirt C and D

; Chest ( formally armor ) D

; HDT compatible Heels and Stockings ( see requirement section above for more information ). These stockings have a different texture from the other Dream Stocking Variants as well to make them unique.

; Celestial Dream Staff with pre-enchantment ( absorbs 10 points of health and magicka per second. Charges scaled on destruction magic ). 2 of these staffs are auto given at new character creation or first time mod run on existing characters, however you can craft them at a tanning rack under misc for 3 dragonbone and scales and 6 leather strips.


-Sock version of Dream Stockings added

-Celestial Torch added. This item acts as an infinite Torch type light source. It comes in 2 colors for light cast, pure white and fire. These items are auto-added along with the Gift armor for new players / first time character mod run, but are NOT craftable. For existing users please use the console and type help "Celestial Torch" to get them. Another bonus to this torch is when blocking, it will create a ward effect that will absorb up to 50 points of all incoming magic damage.


-Compatibility with Dual Sheath Redux has been added for users of that mod ( see the requirements section above for more information )




- Celestial Dream Armor has been broken apart into 2 different slots. There is now 4 chest pieces and 4 panty pieces. Each of these pieces, FROM DREAM, can be worn together in any combination, for a total of 16 different combinations of looks ( 4 chests and 4 pantys ). Existing users wearing any of the older V6 Dream Chests will have to craft a Panty upon installing V6e ( unless you don't want to :P ).

- The Dream Armor has had a file structure overhaul. This will only affect unpackers and was done for ease of organization. Future plans to do this for ALL Celestial armor and forms is on the table.

- Fixed an issue from V6d that had Celelestials as a race turning into Vampires getting the sunken cheek and eyes of Vanilla. Sorry about that. Your Celestial will no longer look different when becomming a Vampire.

- Celestial Dream Skirt B has had the textures and Alphas on it changed.

- Celestial Dream Chest A ( formally Armor A ) now uses a new UNP body type that is TBBP compatible, and also has a little more cleavage to better conform to the armor.

- Celestial Dream Chest C ( formally Armor C ) has had the mesh SLIGHTLY changed, just a small part, to better suit going along with the 4 separate panties.

- Celestial Dream Chest B ( formally Armor B ) has had UV mapping changed to better suit going along with the 4 separate panties. The mid section has been removed and it now looks more like a "BRA" type.

- Celestial Dream Jewelry A ( formally just Jewelry ) has had additions, as well as changes, to the way it looks.

- The position for Daggers, FOR THE CELESTIAL RACE, has changed. They are now placed on the back. This was done to further make the Celestial Race unique from any other race, vanilla or other custom. If the animation that plays when you draw a dagger does not match the new position of the daggers let me know, I have one that works.




V6d Update 9/13/13






-Celestial Dream Set got the following new parts to go along with the same slot layout as the other armor sets : Ears, Tail, Jewelry, Accessory ( like the wings for the other armors ). The set also received a 3rd chest option, a 2nd skirt option, and a 2nd stocking option that are Knee High. The Dream circlet has been altered slightly in appearance.





-The entire naming layout for every armor has been changed. A new system of naming is in place. Due to this existing users will find the armor granted to them at games start has changed to cloth armor. This, like the having to re add the Celestial Unleash last update, is a 1 time deal only for the entry in the CK. You will either have to use the console to replace the armor back to what it was, or craft the versions you want.

-Every piece of every armor added by Celestials is now craftable and temperable in all 3 types. You can find Light and Heavy armor at a forge under Daedric, and Cloth at a tanning rack also under daedric.

-New users \ characters will now get 6 armor items granted. A heavy chest and helm, a light glove and boot, and non armor wing and gem. All the other pieces previously granted such as stockings etc will now have to be crafted to be gained. Starting weapons given have not changed.

-Some file paths have been reorganized for better layout. Further work will be done until all files are only under the Celestials folders. This will take some time as I change all file paths that still link to the old Legacy Armor folders.




V6c Update 9/9/13:






-Celestial Dream Armor added. Uses UNPB BBP. Light and Heavy version can be found under Daedric Smithing at a forge, Cloth version can be crafted at a Tanning Rack.

-Celestial Convergence added. This new ability will be granted to you upon using Celestial Unleash. In order to use Celestial Convergence you must be level 80 or higher. After using it you will be granted 4 new powers, 2 each of the forms, at values half the power of the form originals. May be used when in Forms.

-Old V4 and lower Angel Knight Heels are now back in the game as craftables.

-A new femaleheadchargen allows me solve the issue of including eye data that may overwrite Vanilla / custom eye data. This however will require the use of RaceMenu and CharGen plugin by Expired in order to function. An update to the requirements section will be posted with all the relevant information needed.




-Celestial Racial Summon arrows damage is down to 12 from 24.

-Angel Knight Shield is now a spell instead of lesser power. It will now cost you mana to regain mana, and the Mana regen has been cut to balance the new approach to the power. The power however is now listed as a Restoration, and can grant Restoration skill gains without the need to heal life, as you are healing mana.

-Devil Knight Phase Shift is now a spell instead of a power. It has a high mana cost and has had the timer cut in half, down to 10 seconds from 20 seconds. It is still an incredible spell but can no longer be chain used over and over except by the most dedicated of mages. It falls under illusion magic and can grant skill gains.

-ALL Celestial specific heals have been reduced in magnitude ( by at least half ) and had the magicka costs increase when applicable ( about 4x as much now ).

-Forms now get a bonus of 100 extra Magicka and Stamina.

-Celestial Knight Armor has had the textures and Alphas replaced. When standing in front of certain lighting your armor NO LONGER DISAPPEARS! ( woot! )

-The Celestial Smithing Perk is now longer being used and has been removed. All Celestial Craftables can now be found in the forge from level 1. You must have the Daedric armor smithing perk to temper them to legendary.

-Angel Knight Sword and Devil Knight Scythe CRAFTABLES have had their sizes reduced ( 1st and 3rd person ). Form weaponry powers will still give you a larger Version of the weapon.

-Streamlined the script that first runs that grants the armor and Unleash. You will now be told when the mod has finished and the script is no longer running.

-Celestial Race now starts with 100 base stats. This change will only take effect on any new characters created with this version or after.


-Celestial Unleash is no longer a Celestial Only racial ability. The power is now granted with the same script that adds armor to the player the first time the mod is run on any save game or new game. Users from V5a to V6Beta will HAVE to correct existing save games with the mod enabled using the console. You must add the ability to yourself by opening the console and typing :


help "celestial Unleash" ( WITH the quotes )


you will be shown an 8 digit number. Now type


player.addspell XXXXXXXX


where XXXXXXXX is the number listed.


You will only have to do this one time for any save game from before the new update.




V5 UPDATE 12/28/12




V5 has been fully cleaned with TES5Edit. There is no reason for you to do so anymore.

Additions :


-New Non-Form armor and weapons called Celestial has been added. They will be auto given and auto equipped after installing V5 to any brand new character OR any existing character ONCE.

-Celestial can not be sold to a merchant.

-Celestial can be enchanted / tempered at the appropriate table / workbench / grindstone. Armor pieces need 8 steel ingots each, the swords and bow need a dragon bone, the shield a dragon scale. The Steel Armorsmithing Perk will apply to the ability to temper them twice as much.

-A New Celestial Perk has been added in the Smithing Tree. It requires 100 smithing skill and the DragonArmor smithing perk. This perk will allow you to craft higher level versions of the starting Celestial items.

-Celestial Starting and Crafted Celestial will auto-equip for you when you leave a form IF you have them on you. If you have BOTH ( starting and crafted ) on you at the same time ( no reason to but if you do ), the higher tier crafted will be equipped.*

( Do to balancing reasons, the Celestial Heavy Armor Chest and the Celestial Light Armor Chest ( both starting and crafted ) can NOT be worn at the same time. You must pick one or the other. All other pieces, both heavy and light, can be worn at the same time. If you have BOTH in your inventory when you leave a form, the Light Armor Chest will be the one equipped. If you wish for the Heavy Armor Chest to be the one auto - equipped, store the Light Armor Chest in a container you own. )

-Celestial Starting and Crafted will benefit from Celestial Form specific Perks, and all other relevant perks EXCEPT Matching Set. This was for balance reasons.

-Celestial Race now uses its own Head data ( meshes / tri's, skins, etc ). These are handpicked by me and hopefully will allow you to make a beautiful Celestial that looks unique from most other custom / vanilla races.*

( Due to CK limitations, the following 3 files are included in the BSA BUT are in default location [ character assets ] instead of the Celestial's Folder : eyesfemale.tri, eyesfemalechargen.tri and femaleheadbrowschargen.tri . Having any other mod either loaded AFTER Celestials OR having different versions of these 3 then mine in the loose file location ( your Skyrim install ) MAY cause issues. Let me know and I will work them out with you when / if they arise.




-Celestial Unleash, Devil Knight Form and Angel Knight Form are now level restricted for balancing reasons. You may use them at level 30 and higher.

-The Rise Scene animation ( when you float in the air ) will now play ONLY ONE TIME, for Unleash Forms Activation.

-There is no longer a delay ( other then script delay ) when using a form power. There will still be a brief moment of nakedness when going in and out of Forms, but you should now be able to use these powers in combat.

-Angel Knight and Devil Knight will now use the Weaponry powers automatically when you go into Form. The damage of the weapon summoned weapons is the same as the form power granted, and is based on your skill level with One-Handed weapons.

-Knight Forms Specialty powers ( Devil Phase and Angel Knight Shield ) will now auto select themselves as your default power when you use a form. You will not need to open the menu and select them in the middle of combat anymore and should help make things more fluid.

-Angel Knight Hair now has different looks. It should fit better with the overall theme of the outfit. It is still listed as cosmetic so does not have to be worn if you do not wish.

-Devil Knight Hair has changed. It will now not replace your hair at ALL, the long armored version is all there is now ( looks better ).

-Devil Form Claws have a new look!

-The Glow Maps on many parts of the Angel Knight added in V4 have been toned down a lot and should no longer be a blinding white light.

-Due to the way they worked in Vanilla Skyrim, I had to adjust two Perks. Well Fitted in Heavy Armor and Custom Fit in Light Armor. Their descriptions read "When wearing head, chest, hands, feet". However, if you wore even one piece of a different armor type ( So if you had heavy armor head, chest, hands, feet, but then put on a light armor Cloak ), the entire perk would be negated. I have altered this. You must still be wearing 4 pieces of the same type in the appropriate slots ( head, chest, hands, feet ), but will no longer lose your bonus .

-Brand new Celestials now start with 70 health,stamina and magicka instead of 50. Regens have been SLIGHTLY raised. This will only effect new Celestials starting with V5. You should now be able to cast your starter spells and not die in a single hit at level 1 :P

-Forgot to add this the other day : Run speed bonus is now applied to Knight Forms Wing Power rather then the Form itself. This was done to give higher level players the option to control how fast or slow they moved when in a Form.



Bug Fixes:


-Sliders should no longer be locked for customization selections after you first make your character when using certain other mods. There may still be some weird glitches ( eye shapes not looking right with your selected eye color ) however, in testing, these could all be overcome by just playing with the appropriate slider a bit ( I.E if your eyes look glitched after selecting a new eye shape in the customization menu, moving the eye color slider to a different color will fix them. You can then go back to the color you like, etc )

-You should no longer get miscolered hands in Devil Form.

-Celestials are now based off Nords and NPC's and quests in game should treat you as one should they need a race to continue.

-Devil Knight Flame cloak spell will now increase in damage with the Augmented Flames Destruction Perk.

-The Jump Height Patch from V4 is now included with V5 and any future updates, and will no longer be needed as a second download.

-Angel Knight Sword is now a bit smaller. It should no longer clip into the ground when idle or running with it drawn.




-I recommend wearing only 2 pieces of a different armor type with the new armor ( I.E heavy Chest hands feet head, and Light Legs and Arms, OR Light Chest Skirt Legs Arms and heavy Feet Hands ). This is not only for balance reasons, but will keep the ability for the 2 Armor Types to level up appropriately.

-Power leveling to hit 30 ASAP for forms is not recommended, doing so will have you missing out on adventures as a new Celestial arriving in Tamriel.

-PLAY ON MASTER, and LEAVE IT on master, even when things get rough at the start of the game. You will have to think on your toes, even with 7 pieces of Celestial Armor and the weapons, if you don't power level, when fighting that damn Frost Troll on the top of the 7000 steps. Any mods that also add to the challenge of the game are recommended.

-Balanced magic Mods ( I.E damage scaling spells based on skill level ) are recommended, as it should have been part of Vanilla Skyrim. HOWEVER, any mod of this type that also effects enchantments and not just magic, is NOT recommended, as this type of mod will make Forms VERY overpowered.

-I recommend starting a brand NEW character with the introduction of V5!




-There may very well be some bugs with this release I have yet to find! Please don't think you WON'T hit any bugs, but here is hoping!


-The included head data for celestials is based off ECE ( Enhanced Character Edit ) Mod. You won't notice much of a difference, in fact you should not notice any, if you have this mod installed when you are a celestial. HOWEVER, if you leave this mod installed please load it BEFORE celestials in you load order, or you MAY get black face bug. The same slider changing options that work in ECE work in Celestials, I.E Eye Depth Slider will now adjust the angle of your eyes instead of how much they bulge out of your friggin head.





V4 UPDATE 12/6/12




Additions :


-Devil form got a makeover!

-Angel Form also got some tweaks to looks including a couple of new parts and some glow maps.

-Angel Wings have been changed ( again ) *see bug fixes*

-Angel Skirt looks have been changed ( this also helped with the Alpha problems of the old skirt )

-New Parts have been added : Angel Knight and Devil Knight Hairs

-Angel Skirt, Angel and Devil Hairs, Devil Claws and Devil Tail are now marked as "cosmetic". These items will appear in your inventory when you change forms and can be taken off and put on at will.

-2 new Presets have been added.

-There are new Perks in Heavy Armor, Light Armor, and 1Handed specifically for Celestials in Forms.

-Weaponry and Bow Powers for both forms now summon more powerful versions based on their respective skill levels. Tiers are : 0-29 T1, 30-49 T2, 50-69 T3, 70-100 T4.*

* After 50 skill you must change out of form then back in and summon again to see changes *

-New eyes are available. They have a soft glow to them ( not the orange from Screen Shots I fixed that ). They can be selected from any appearance changing menu and should be last of all eyes.

-When changing forms you will now get an eye texture overlay based on your form. Angels get little hearts, Devil get red Swirl. *

* This change requires the newest version of SKSE for revert form effect to remove the overlay. Otherwise you must save and reload your game for your eyes to go back to normal *




-Devil boots now count as heavy armor like they should have when dealing with Heavy armor Juggernaut Perks.

-Bow Power damage has been balanced. Lower level characters may see a drop in bow damage, while higher levels will see an increase.

-To avoid conflicts and issues, Devil Tail will no longer be auto equipped when changing into Devil Knight. You can find it in your inventory now instead as a cosmetic item.

-To avoid conflicts and issues, Angel Knight Wings have been changed. They have a new look and no longer animate. This should stop problems with other races besides Celestial being unable to use them.

-Fixed a bug that stopped no fall damage from being removed after using Conceal Angel Knight Wings.

-Fixed a bug that stopped no fall damage from applying to Devil Knight Wings Power.

-Fixed a bug where Angel Knight was allowed to still equip amulets and Devil Knight was allowed to still equip rings.

-Made more internal changes for preparation of V5.









-Angel Knight Heal (spell): Instantly Heal <50> points of health and then recover 20 points of Health every second for 10 seconds. (this spell is equipped in the left hand when Using Angel Knight Weaponry)

-Devil Knight Flame Cloak (spell): For 10 seconds, enemies in melee range take <20> points fire damage a second. For 5 seconds, you are healed for 20 health and 10 stamina a second. (this spell is equipped in the left hand when Using Devil Knight Weaponry)

-Summon Mounts (power): summon a mount for 60 seconds or until you get off. ( same for both forms besides looks )

-Summon Light (power): You form a ball of Light to help light your path. Use this power again to turn it off. ( same for both forms besides looks )

-Angel Knight Shield (power): Restore <10%> of your total Magicka per second for 10 seconds.

-Devil Knight Phase (power): You slightly Phase out of exsistance for 20 seconds. You become immune to all damage and partially invisible. Making to much noise, taking actions, or getting to close will alert enemies to your location. Magicka regens slightly faster.


WING POWERS Addition : You now take ZERO damage from falls from any height with wings out, AND if you have the newest version of SCRIPT DRAGON installed, will jump 3x higher.




-Naked body now uses a BBB weight slider compatible body.

-Angel Knight Form has some additions in looks.

-Angel Knight Wings have been changed. They are now reversed and smaller.

-Armor value BASE has been raised to 600.

-Armor values have been spread even across the board. Heavy armor perks and Light armor perks will now effect forms armor rating equally.

-UI messages have been simplified. You will now longer be spammed when you change forms.

-Celestial Unleash Forms will now only activate 1 time. Using it again will do nothing.

-Fixed SOME minor alpha and clipping problems with Angel Knight Form ( still working on them all ).

-Minor internal changes to prepare for future updates.







Added Arrows to the Forms Bow power.

Fixed a bug that didn't remove the bows from inventory.

Fixed Armor rating to be 500 like it was suppose to be instead of 535.

Changed position of Equipped Quivers to lower back for aesthetics and to reduce clipping with bows.












The Realm of Oblivion, the Realm of Tamriel, and the lesser known Celestial Realm. All 3 exist side by side, each one affecting the other, sometimes in the smallest of ways, other times in more drastic measures....


The Celestials are beings of Balance. They follow the way of Ying and Yang, Black and White, Good and Evil. All must be in balance for the universe to know peace, even if it is War that is needed to achieve such peace.


Knowing when and where Alduin would appear after his banishment with the use of the Elder Scroll, the Celestial Council waited. Knowing full well that on his return Alduin would begin to once again try and destroy and enslave the Humans of Tamriel, the council feared that Alduin would have to much power should he succeed in conquering Tamriel ,as he is also of Oblivion, such imbalance would be a threat not only to Tamriel and the Celestial Realm, but to the very universe itself.


You have both been chosen and have volunteered to be sent to Tamriel to stop Alduin at all costs. You have been given special gifts from the Celestial Council to help you on your quest, and have the ability to tap into both good and evil as a Celestial being. You have been granted the ability to speak in the tongue of your enemy, and have the knowledge of your race. You may not however, ever return to the Celestial Realm, as you had to sacrifice your immortality and become mortal to live among the humans of Tamriel. You must learn to live as mortals do.


The fate of the Realms is now in your hands....










Q: My game crashes instantly on startup when I check your mod. Why?

A: You do not have a proper dependency in your load order. You MUST have racecompatibility loaded as well, AND you MUST be using the right Celestial.esp file for racecompatibility. Not doing so results in instant CTD's.



Q: I can start up a new Celestial and everything works fine, however the game CTD's whenever I go to load the mod on an older character. Why?

A: The script to give you the armor is conflicting with the current armor you are wearing. This problem is easily solved by DEACTIVATING Celestials, loading up the older game you want to play, removing ALL the armor the character is wearing, then saving. You can now shut down and REACTIVATE Celestials and load up that save game. You shouldn't have any more problems switching armor.



Q: My game lags a lot more and I lose FPS when I use your mod! Does your script suck or something?

A: No, it has nothing to do with scripting actually. The reason you may see some noticeable lag when you use my mod is simple, most of my textures are in 4k. It's the graphics of the mod that are causing you to see a slowdown, not my script. The only way to solve this problem is to update the machine you're playing Skyrim on, or just deal with it.


Q: I hate *INSERT THING I DON'T LIKE HERE* and I want you to change it!

A: To fucking bad, make your own mod. Also stop asking me to do body conversions. I have no idea why some of you think I should convert it to the body YOU use just because YOU use it. Gimme a little respect. Ask your favorite armor convertor person to do it for you.


Q: I really like your mod! It's great, but I really wish I could change *INSERT THING I WANT DIFFERENT HERE*. Is this possible? Can I do it?

A: You most certainly can, and I hope you WOULD! First you need a way to unpack a BSA. Again, this is a link to the unpacker I use and will be more then happy to help you with! Once you learn how to unpack my BSA ( and again, it is real easy ), I can help you replace anything you like, from skin textures, to body types. If you want it different YOU better be the one ready to put in the work. I can only guide you along the path.








Click here to download this file

What's New in Version V7.2


  • v7.2 :
  • Added in Goddess NPC. Finding and killing her will earn you the final Celestial form, Goddess Form, with it's own unique powers that are a hybrid of all other forms. If you can't find her I will let you know where she is.
  • Added in ( and fixed ) the Celestial Summons. Use the Celestial Transform Power to add these new powers to your character.
  • Fixed a bug with v7.1 having an improper skeleton causing weapons to not appear when sheathed. Your weapons will now appear properly.
  • Fixed ALL LEGACY FILE PATHS! ( woot! ). ALL celestial data is now in actors\character\celestial.
  • Added in craftable version of ALL form armors, including Goddess. You must have Dragon smithing perk ( 100 smithing ) to craft these armors. Cloth armor versions are available at a tanning rack and require no perks \ skills, only the ingredients to craft.
  • NOTE : Craftable Form Armor Boots will NOT adjust your height automatically. You must set the height in the MCM menu for HDT to 8 custom height for each one you want to wear. This was done so you can STILL ENCHANT THE BOOTS. If I make them auto the height, this counts as an enchant, and so you would never be able to put an enchantment on them. The forms themselves will still automatically adjust your height for you.
  • v7.2 includes the 7.1 Flying patch. You do not need a 4th download.