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Emma's outfit, ported from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Comes with nude and torn variations, as well as her katana, wig (equippable via Racemenu) and sandals. Files have been optimized for SSE.

For her wig to look better in-game, your character's scalp has to match the same color as her hair.

The outfit can be crafted at any forge or gotten via additemmenu. HDT-SMP physics are included on the sleeves.


This is a SSE 3BA CBBE conversion I did of the original LE port by DKnight13 with their permission given. The port fixes some issues with meshes such as the flipped inner kimono and weird artifacts on the coat. You do not need the original port for this SE version to work.

In Japanese culture, the kimono when worn correctly is folded left over right.


I have done my best to reduce most of the clipping. The correct ZAP sliders for each version of the outfit have been auto-enabled in Bodyslide, please do not touch them.





-Bodyslide and Outfit Studio (v5.6.0 or beyond)
-CBBE 3BA (use v2.31 or beyond)
-CBBE (v1.6.2 or beyond)
-CBPC (use v1.5.2 or beyond)





-Use a Mod Manager like MO2.
-Use Bodyslide and make sure to build the following:

-[Hoshino] Emma's Kimono 3BA CBBE
-[Hoshino] Emma's Kimono Nude 3BA CBBE
-[Hoshino] Emma's Kimono Torn 3BA CBBE
-[Hoshino] Emma's Sandles CBBE






-Replaced coat and hakama meshes. Mesh artifacts should be gone.

-Also removed SMP for hakama as it was unnecessary.

-Removed blood tags for Emma's katana in nifskope as users reported issues with it in v1.3.




-Fixed missing vagina and anus meshes for torn and nude versions.

-Slightly adjusted zap sliders for the body for torn and nude versions.

-Fixed major mesh tearing in coat.

-Fixed some loose vertices and smoothed small arm connection area in the coat.

-Adjusted waist cloth weights to not clip with coat.

-Improved paint weights on clavicle and arm SMP section of the coat. -Adjusted hakama mesh slightly to fix clipping on front area.

-Adjusted clavicle weights on hakama mesh.

-Updated GND meshes.



-Fixed an unnatural looking bulge on the coat's right arm.

-Slightly adjusted coat around upper torso area.

-Adjusted coat and kimono sliders for breasts.


Edited by HoshinoSkyrim

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