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CK3 Human Phenotype Project 1.2.14

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The CK3 Human Phenotype Project is a mod aimed at making the appearences of characters more realistic and diverse by replicating various phenotypes found on the website humanphenotypes.net and assigning them to in-game cultures. This mod also ensures that hairstyles and beards are set by culture rather than ethnicity. A whopping 77 ethnicities have been added into the game, making character more varied and vierse in appearences, with people looking like their supposed geographic origins.

If you love physical anthrophology, or just want characters to have more regionally varied looks, this is the mod for you!



Is this mod save-game compatible?

Absolutely not. This mod edits ethnicities, which the game uses to randomly generate the looks/DNA of characters (historical and new alike). Once the character was generated - or has scripted appearance - this mod will not modify them. For this mod to truly have effect, you need to start a new game, otherwise it will only affect newly generated characters.


Will you put this mod to Steam Workshop? Why not?

For legal reasons, I cannot do that. What legal reasons? Well, it's against the rules to disclose that, but here's a hint: I cannot upload any mods to the Steam Workshop at all. The less we talk about it, the better.

Nevertheless, if you wish to upload this mod to the Steam Workshop in my name, you have my full blessings to do so. No, really, you'd be doing me a big favour.


Can I use your mod as part of my mod?

Yes. You don't even need to ask. Just do it. Sure, crediting would be nice, but otherwise, feel free to.


Many of the characters within a region look samey / Many characters look like caricatures / Some traits seem exaggerated

Yes. This mod is still a work in progress, and there is much to be refined. Stay tuned for more updates ;)  Or better yet - contribute to the progress ;)

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What's New in Version 1.2.14


Added a compatibility patch for CBO.

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