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So this is an updated version from the one that was on the nexus. fixed some bugs/issues and added pieces for men




Also here's the Bodyslide info (now all fixed and working perfect!) for custom bodies.




For those wondering this mod won't be on the Nexus. I was told that things like accessories made from Dark Souls/Dragon age etc was not alowed, but seeing as I got many of the pieces from here, I thought it'd be OK to share. :) If there are any problems please let me know!


Please check out my flickr for more shots of this mod!


Just to make this clear: these are not my meshes! I've taken pieces from games like Tera, Darks souls etc and have put the scarves/pauldrons into individual pieces so you can customize an outfit. I'm not claiming I built any of these--just isolated them into their own nif files and tweaked some textures. It's a small mod with a simple purpose: to add some variety to an outfit. Cheers and have fun!


NMM ready. To access open console (~) and type coc qasmoke. There's a chest in the corner with all the pieces.


Credit to asianboy345 for the Tera armor pieces

Credit to Zerofrost for the blood armor pauldron

Credit to XiNAVRO for all his conversions

Credit to Jackga for his many conversions

Credit to Caliente for CBBE body and Bodyslide.

Credit to AlienSlof for the awesome eyepatches.

Credit to jochan449 for aris pauldrons and slytra for the base suit.

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