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Succubus Apocalypse



"It was... It was..."


The woman burst into tears, not from the horrible memory that came to her, but from the fact

that she couldn't remember exactly what happenned. All she knew was that her body would never

be the same again, stuck with this constant lust that would drive anyone mad.


"Please, miss. I need you to concentrate. What. Did. This. Creature. Look. Like."


Clara was running out of patience. She was in desperate need of money, and the only

way she know how to make some was hunting monsters. But she reached the limit of her

patience when instead of answering, the young woman in front of her started rubbing her

breasts, hoping for some attention.


"Ah for the love of Dibella! I have nothing against contact but keep it out of the



Her cheeks turned red as she realized that her screaming made everyone in Whiterun

turn their heads and look at them, silent and troubled.


"Now that's something you don't see in the Cloud District!"


"Shut up, Nazeem!"


Of course, the blond haired victim didn't mind at all, instead moving on to

kiss her neck and hold her in her arms.


"Look, just... just let me go, alright? I'll visit you tonight if you wish"


"You promise? I could really use your sweet body right now..."


Reluctantly, Clara nodded her head, then pushed the woman away. Deep down she knew she wouldn't

go, but if she didn't agree, who knows what would have happenned. The "lust curse" made its

victims almost crazy, but it buffed their strenght, so much that a werewolf wouldn't be able to

win an armwrestling match with them. So she knew it was best to go along with it.

The curse had been hitting citizens here an there, without a real pattern. People still couldn't

find a cure for it, so those who were affected were either arrested or banned from town. Unfortunately,

it was usually too late, as they had enough time to contaminate a few other people before that


A few hours later, as the sun was setting, Clara entered her home, put her weapon on the rack, took her top

off and went straight to her bedroom. Her mind was unable to stray from the thought of the woman she had

promised to help, the desperate tone of her voice, the look on her face, the lovely shape of her body...


"Wait... why am I thinking about this? and why am I so turned on...?"


Her whole body was slowly getting hotter, her vagina getting wet, her eyes wanting to close, but not

completely. She turned around and fell in her lover's arms, kissing her tenderly, rubbing

her breasts against hers, laying on the bed as she finally saw the faint pink mist in the room...


...And then nothing. No light, no sound, no touch... She was perfectly aware, yet none of her senses

seemed to work. She couldn't even move, as much as she struggled.


A few eternities later, her senses finally came back to her. She wasn't in her room anymore. She

wasn't even in Whiterun is seemed. The walls around her were all make out of stone, the room

very faintly lit by a circle of candles around her, perfectly lighting up her naked body, covered

in some sort of pink slime. She tried to get up, but was unable to do so as her hands and feet were tied,

spread, and her muffled screams didn't get very far either.


"Tell me, my love, do you live your new home?"


The same woman stood over her, slowly sitting on her lap as she kept drooling the same pink substance

Clara was already soaking with.


"Now, I know you have questions, but don't worry, when everything's done you won't have them.

Instead, you'll just be my..."


She kissed Clara with her tongue, making sure to drool as much as she could


"...My little pet, my crazy lover. Oh, and I know you're wondering aout exactly WHAT will be done..."


She removed the gag, the thrusted her enormous tongue deep inside Clara's thorat, injecting her with

even more of the mysterious susbstance. She then gagged her again, stood up, and walked away, saying


"Let's just say this liquid here will make you as dumb as a brick, and crazy about the first person

you see. We're alone here, and no one will ever come... Yes, I love you too."


Clara didn't even try to struggle, and thought...


"I love you..."

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