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Fallout 3 Lover Signatures

Victoria K.



Just did this signature for our beloved Fallout 3 :heart:


If you are also a FO3 Lover and like it, feel free to use it! Much love to all the Fallout 3 lovers fellas out here! :)


Added this one, smaller and more classic style.



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Guest endgameaddiction


You are the only other significant LL member that is a Fallout 3 Lover that I know of. Nice sig. Too lore for me but still nice.


Lets hope the best returns to Fallout 4. Institute or not. I need more intoxicating urban radiation. More chaotic overcasts and annihilated city ruins.


<3 right back at ya.

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Perhaps we are a few in these days but we are certainly the best bunch! ;)

Your hopes and needs for FO4 are also mine! See you around and thanks a lot for your kind comment <3

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i am few days older then you, i think

so i am more in FO2

but i understand you

when i was buy FO3 i was not sleep until end

i was miss few days on job

i was act as addict

it is very nice game

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Music to my ears, nonusnomeni. <3

It was highly addictive indeed and overall an amazing experience.

Loved to miss so much hours of sleep over it and love who did the same! ;)

I salute you my fellow gamer!

And thx for your most welcome comment :)

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Guest endgameaddiction


Alright, I'm using the sig. As a call out to all our misguided FO3 fans. We shall recognize one another with the emblem of Victoria's lovely sig. lol...

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