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So... maybe a story



It's been a long time since I've written outside of emails and forum posts. I used to enjoy it in high school and college, though even that was mostly when it was assigned. Something I always thought about, but never really did recreationally. But I was inspired by Skyrim, a shitload of mods, and specifically jfraser's Sian's Story


I guess a little introduction might be in order:


I quietly roleplay pretty much any game I play. Even playing CIV I would have little stories in my head about what was going on and why. So when I read Sian's Story it really resonated with me as the sort of thing I do (though his is probably infinitely better). And I guess that got me thinking about it more while I played. All of which resulted in what I'm going to post.


I like to roleplay characters that are wildly unlike me, and see if I can understand what might motivate them. Sometimes that turns out to be boring to think about, or I just can't get into the mindset, or I get into it and discover that it is a less than engaging way to play a particular game (such as a pacifist priest of mara). As a result I start and throw away a lot of characters (my mmo accounts are usually maxed with toons within a week!) so this story I have planned might end abruptly. I've got a few chapters bouncing in my head that I'd like to try to get on to "paper", though, so I guess I'll see. I also tend to play female characters because boobs are just great.


Also, I've never blogged before, so I may be doing it wrong :P


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