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More creative stuff



Ok it's been a while since I've really been active on here, but well, real life tends to get in the way, plans change, suddenly you choose to pick up a guitar and next thing you know you're spending all your time practicing, trying to be the next satriani (might be pushing it a little)


Anyways, as I'm about to format my computer and start my Skyrim modding from zero again, I though I might make things a little bit more interresting.


I'd want to make my next playthrough into an RP story, which I would post on here through text and pictures. I'm considering weekly, maybe bi-weekly updates. Not really enough to push me to play when I don't want to, but enough to make things interresting for both of us.


Here's the thing: I don't know whether the best thing to do would be to open a thread dedicated to it, or just to keep posting it in blogs. both have their advantages and drawbacks, and quite frankly I wouldn't mind either way, I just want to know what you guys think about it.


-As far as the actual RP goes, here's the basic idea:


Playing as a Breton hunter who will soon turn into a thief/assassin hybrid. She's not really into big fights and whatnot, and prefers to leave without a trace than to leave a trail of bodies.
She also builds lust really easily, and has a hard time keeping a clear head as she's somewhat obsessed over sex. Still really shy about it though.


Some adult mods I'll probably use:
-Deviously Cursed Loot
-Captured Dreams
-Sexlab Solutions
-sexlab Amorous Adventures
-Skooma Whore


The point here is not to make a completely submissive character, or to drive her there, so I'm excluding SD+ for now, but if I ever feel like it fits, it might just make its way there.


What do you think? is it worth doing?


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Sounds interesting. If you do it I'll read it. Blogs are the perfect thing for this and a thread might just get buried with other threads. Do you plan on posting screenshots or just words? You could write it from the first person. I know I enjoy reading rp/adventures in that form

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Well I usually RP in first person anyways, so that's not gonna be a problem at all :D


I could do it in blog form if I get enough of a following, right now I also posted this entry as a thread too, since I didn't get a lot of views on the blog. We'll see how it leads from there


I'm mostly gonna take screenshots and then write the actual story part as text between them. I would actually make videos but I don't have that good of a recording equipment, and while I'd like to do voice over, that's just not possible at the moment for me

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