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Upcoming Anniversary Update: a hope for VR becoming more prominent?



I've heard some disconcerting rumors recently, about the new Anniversary Edition of Skyrim, in particular that it will come as an involuntary update for all SE users and change the core files in a way that will possibly prevent a huge portion of the existing SE mods from working. Now that would be a huge blow to all of us, in particular considering the fact that quite a number of the greatest mods are no longer being updated, so they are unlikely to be ever patched to work with AE. (I wonder what it will mean for the Skyblivion project.)


I have already backed up the unaltered game files for both SE and VR to be able to downgrade in the future (I would highly recommend you do the same), and I have also disabled automatic updates through Steam, but it also occurred to me that all of this could actually have a silver lining, in terms of the impact on Skyrim VR.

Though I did back up the files for VR, as mentioned above, there is actually no indicaation that the VR version of the game is going to be updated to the new AE standard as well, what will result in the VR version being the only version of Skyrim, in which all of those outdated SE mods will still work, prompting all those unlucky users who didn't back up their game files, or those unwilling to go through the hassle of maintaining the game in the unupdated state, or new users, to switch to Skyrim VR, if they want to continue using some of those fabulous SE mods, what could potentially substantially boost the number of active Skyrim VR players, what in turn could lead to many more mods be created for VR. And that would be undoubtedly a very good thing.

It is true, that in terms of graphics, the VR version of the game is inferior to a heavily modded SE, but I maintain that the experience, in particular in combination with VRIK, is far far superior to any other way of playing Skyrim, and since it doesn't necessarily require you to have the most modern hardware (like an RTX 3080), it is also becoming fairly accessible. By far the most fun VR game there is to date (mainly thanks to the existing mods).


On the other hand, newly developed mods for the AE will likely not work with VR, so it's a double-edged sword, and could spell the pretty much the end of new mods for VR. Only time will tell. What do you guys think?

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6 minutes ago, Cleotraptah said:

According to a article they're updating the compiler from Visual Studio 2015 to the updated 2019 version - that would break SKSE's functions and a lot of mods/plugins will need to be rewritten as a result. Your theory regarding a migration to VR is a interesting one although I do believe the vast majority of SSE users would continue using SSE for the forseeable future until AE eventually stabilizes; mods-wise.


IMO; the biggest gripe is that the VR edition requires additional investment into both hardware (VR headset) & software (VR edition); I don't foresee eager crowds of existing SSE players doing this - Especially after yet another re-release by Bethesda. Even if VR is excluded from the compiler update; SSE users are still able to download older builds thus the "update" and the potential VR "workaround" is essentially nullified. Doubly-so if you take into account that many SSE users will backup their vanilla/modded installs & launch via SKSE to avoid Steam updating the game. Given that its been a fair amount of time since the last major update; I reckon most SSE users have built stable mod-lists after all this time; I just don't see them going through the pain of switching to VR and rebuilding a fresh mod-list when they can just stick with SSE (and their stable mod-lists) for the meantime.


"there is actually no indicaation that the VR version of the game is going to be updated to the new AE standard as well" Never say never. 13 years later they finally removed GFWL from Fallout 3 - The updated compiler for the VR edition may yet be announced... One day >_<


So its a good theory, and sure, maybe there will be a small increase in VR users; but IMO the mainstray will probably wind up staying with SSE until/unless AE can rival it.

Well, admittedly, it is quite a bit of wishful thinking, on my part, but then again, if we keep suggesting this option to disgruntled SSE users in forums, maybe the amount of new VR users could be a little more than small. I mean, it's not just a means to keep playing you old mods, there's also added value with the VR experience. And that is really something. Once you experience it (unless you suffer from motion sickness) you'll never want to go back (I know I don't). All I use SSE for, these days, is as a tool to build and test my mods for VR.
And headsets are no longer that expensive. A Rift S is quite affordable, and sufficient. And it runs completely smoothly with high detail on a GTX 1080, which I would say is pretty much on the lower end, these days, for anyone who takes themselves seriously as a gamer. So all the investment one needs to make is the headset, and you can get that for 260 bucks, where I live. Considering the value you get for that, that's hardly worth mentioning. So, if VR users make a little effort to promote this idea, it could be of great benefit to us.
You're right about the ways of keeping SSE running throug SKSE etc., but I still see this as an opportunity. Maybe just mention yhis option whenever someone complains about AE breaking some favorite mods of theirs. And with regards to AE stabilizing, as said, some of those no-longer-updated mods will just never be adapted.


Also, when it comes to stable modlists, in my experience, the SSE one hardly differs from the VR one, just a few little changes, most of the difficult stuff is related to adult mods, but when you play with just regular mods, pretty much everything works straight out of the box.

Ironically, if I am right, this might actually increase the likelihood of VR getting an updated compiler version... But still. Just trying to do my part to popularize this idea :) Thanks for commenting!

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