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Episode 2: my first real sexual encounter

Cock Sucker


i decided to add another entry (short) before episode 2, sort of a in between part, why? well its sort of related i guess...


Episode pre-2:


as a kid i was very adventurous, wernt we all? out about, climbing things, being naughty (cheeky and silly little criminal acts which i thought at the time was playing), so anyway, after being out for awhile i came home for food and drink, the door was unlocked... strange i thought? walks around downstairs, front room and kitchen empty.. no one out the back either? so i got a little food and ate it on the sofa, while eating i heard a sound coming from upstairs... i creep up slowly... little worried... got to the top and i could hear noises from my bedroom, i opened the door fractionally to see both my brothers and two of my friends... my brothers were on they're knee's sucking the cocks of my other two friends and enjoying it! i stood there mesmurised... i couldnt turn away.. got a little hard on as well >.< thinking should i go in? hmmm... after a few moments i decided not to and creep back downstairs and went out again...


i suppose now that was my first real view of boys sucking the cocks of other boys... and i enjoyed the view! and maybe i should have gone in to? oh well... now on to the real episode! enjoy!




Episode 2: my first real sexual encounter
its so long ago now, I think? Was about 9, Me and my mates when to see this guy (adult) as one was friends with him... went to this hill, sat on the grass talking and the guy pulled his massive cock out, that was the first time I think I saw an adult guys dick lol, and my mates then took turns in sucking him off then started 69’in each other... I was like... ummmm.... lol... then he said to me it’s your turn now pointing at his dick... and I for some odd reason didn’t object, got in my knee’s and started to suck his cock... after a few minutes he shot his load into my mouth so fast I swallowed everything and it actually tasted very nice not like anything I’ve tasted before, So like an eager cock hungry boy I was now I couldn’t help but carry on sucking his still hard cock like it was the tastiest thing I ever had and I NEEDED more of his perfect cock my mouth again, licking his cum filled head with my tongue till he came in my mouth again, and it tasted even better!!! to me at that moment I knew I was into sucking cocks and swallowing semen, it felt so normal and natural.
so now i was sort of initiated into the "real" group of mates sucking each others cocks, for months and few years after my mates would come to my house or me to they'ers and we’d regularly suck each other’s cock like it was now normal thing guys do to each other lol


Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been with girls since and I love that too!, but to me sucking a hard cock and swallowing semen just makes me more happier now and content inside.




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