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The Deflowering of the Third Daughter



Special thanks to Cheri Song for creating the Tentacled Dreams mod for Crusader Kings 2, which inspired this story.




Today is the day. My youngest daughter Karin has come of age and it is time for her deflowering ritual. This ritual is an ancient tradition and it will be the first of many times that she will give her body to our tentacle masters. Like her older sisters Astrid and Sigrid before her, and me before them, she will serve the masters birthing their spawn, and in return they will give her the greatest pleasure imaginable.


I knock on Karin’s door and she opens it. She has red hair and blue eyes like me. I’ve been noticing her developing beauty for a while now. She seems nervous. Well, that's understandable. It's a big day today.

“Hello, mother,” she greets me.

“Hello, beloved daughter,” I reply. “Are you ready for your deflowering?”

Actually...” my daughter hesitates. “I’ve been thinking and I don’t think I want to do the deflowering. I’m not sure I want to be a tentacle slave. I hope you understand.

I’m stunned by her answer. I don’t know what to do, so I just mumble something like “Oh, I see.” and then I leave her room.


As I walk along the corridors of the castle, my thoughts are whirling in my mind. This is unimaginable! How could she reject this? To feel the embrace of the tentacle masters is a pleasure unlike any other! ... Could it be because she isn’t tentacle-born like myself and her sisters? Her father was my late husband. Before that, we hadn’t had a human father a child in this family in generations. But I was curious. What would it be like to have a not tentacle-born child? So I found myself a human husband, we conceived a child, and throughout the pregnancy I never felt the embrace of our masters. Worst nine months of my life. And for what? A silly experiment which resulted in an ungrateful girl who refuses to serve our masters? It was probably her father that put this nonsense in her head. He never did seem to really get the greatness of our masters. You shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, but he could be really annoying sometimes. Either way, it’s not Karin’s fault. The poor girl doesn’t realise what she’s missing. Well, if she won’t go through with it willingly, there are other ways to make it happen. Perhaps her sisters can help me?


As I approach Astrid’s room, I hear Sigrid moaning. Oh, those two. They seem completely incapable of staying away from each other. Not that I blame them. They are both very attractive. Why wouldn’t they enjoy each other’s bodies? But unfortunately we don’t have time for that right now. I enter the room and see Astrid going down on Sigrid. They’re both blonde, like their grandmother. She was also very beautiful. Well, she still is, I assume. Our masters are keeping her eternally young in their breeding pit.

Sigrid smiles at me as I come in and says “Hi, mommy! Do you want to join us?”

“I would, but there are more urgent matters to attend to. Your sister is refusing to go through the deflowering.”

“What?” Astrid quickly turns to me. “But why?”

“I can’t say I completely understand her decision myself. But I can only assume it’s because she doesn’t know what she’s missing. I guess she’s afraid, but we have to show her there’s nothing to be afraid of.”

“It’s for her own good,” Sigrid agrees.

“But how do we do it?” Astrid asks.

“Sigrid, you persuade Karin to come with you to the courtyard, where Astrid will be waiting. As soon as you see the two of them, give me the signal and I will come in with some castle guards. Then we will take Karin to the ritual site in chains.”

“Ooh kinky,” Astrid says.


The plan goes well. Astrid gives the signal and I come through the door into the courtyard with four strong guards. They overpower Karin and put her in chains.

“Sigrid!” Karin cries. “How could you?”

“I’m sorry sis, but it’s for your own good.”

I ask Sigrid “What did you tell her to get her to come here?”

“Basically half the truth. I told her that you were planning to force her to go through the deflowering. I was maybe less than honest about which side I’m on. I told her that I could show her an escape path through the courtyard.”

“My clever daughter!”

“Do you think she will have trouble trusting me in the future?”

“No,” I reassure her. “As soon as she sees the light, she will understand why we’re doing this.”


The ritual site is a flat round surface with a pole in the middle. The guards fasten Karin’s chains to the pole. During her older sisters’ deflowerings, I took a more active part in the actual ceremony, being ravaged by the tentacles alongside my daughters. This time I will merely watch. I want to pay attention, so I don’t miss the exact moment when she finally sees the light.


Karin is crying, begging us to let her go. Poor girl. She will feel better soon. I say a prayer and ring the bell which calls our tentacle masters to us. When Karin sees them approach, she screams in terror. She calls for help. I’ve never seen her this afraid before. It kind of turns me on. Does that make me a bad mother?


Tentacles come at my daughter from all directions. Some of them stroke her skin, caressing her breats, butt, thighs... Others grab her arms and legs to keep her in the correct position. Then one tentacle enters her mouth. I can see her gagging on it. It quickly releases its load down her throat. Tentacle cum is a powerful aphrodisiac. This is preparation for what comes next. Three new tentacles approach. One takes the place of the previous one in her mouth. The other two go further down. They begin by rubbing against her, one against her pussy and the other against her butt. Then slowly they start penetrating her. She looks even more terrified now, but she can’t scream because of the tentacle in her mouth. She is so hot. I put my hand between my legs and start touching myself while I watch my daughter being ravaged by tentacles. I take a quick glance around me and see that her sisters and the guards had the same idea. Eventually her look of pain and terror changes. I can see that she’s starting to enjoy herself. As the tentacles push in and out of her, and caress and grab her all over, it is clear that I made the right decision. I can hear muffled moans around the tentacle in her mouth. She climaxes as the tentacles unleash their load inside her. The tentacles pull back for now. Our masters know that we do need a break sometimes, so our minds don’t get completely broken. Karin slumps down on the ground and starts crying.

“Did you not enjoy yourself, sweetheart?” I ask.

“No! Well, yes, but, I didn’t want this!”

I just say “You will want it.”


The tentacles let her rest for half an hour before they return. She is less scared this time. Not eager, she hasn’t come that far yet, but the fear seems to be mostly gone. She looks conflicted, like she’s not sure what to actually think about all this. When the tentacles grab her this time, she doesn’t resist. The tentacles keep going a little longer this time. After each of the first three tentacles filling her holes release their load, they’re replaced by other tentacles to keep going, and then other tentacles to replace those. In the three hours that the tentacles give her their embrace, she climaxes countless times. When they finally release her this time, she seems much happier, satisfied.

“Are you enjoying yourself now?” I ask.


“Good girl.”


The third and final phase of the ritual will be quite long, so I order one of the guards to bring some food for me and my older daughters. Not for Karin though. Tentacle cum is all the sustenance she will need today.


When the tentacles return this time, my daughter welcomes them enthusiastically. I certainly enjoyed the fear she showed in the beginning, but seeing her now as a true tentacle slut is even better. Like before, the tentacles that unload are replaced by new tentacles, but this time the new tentacles also become increasingly bigger. At this point, her pussy, ass and throat have adapted to be more elastic and able to take things that would crush the intestines of a normal woman.


This goes on for twelve hours. At some points I can see that she loses consciousness. I’m not worried. Our masters know what they’re doing and they would never hurt us. When Karin wakes up, the tentacles are still inside her.


However, all good things must come to an end. The tentacles release her and return to their lair. Karin is covered in tentacle cum. She must be exhausted, but she has a big smile on her face.

“How are you feeling now?” I ask.

“I’ve never felt this amazing in my life,” Karin replies.

“Now do you see why I did what I did?”

“Yes of course, mommy. Thank you.”

“Good girl. You’ve become such a beautiful young woman.”

We kiss passionately. Then I unlock her chains and call forward her sisters. Together we lick Karin clean of the tentacle cum.

“I’m almost sad it’s over,” Karin says.

“Don’t worry,” I say. “You will experience the embrace of our masters many more times. But for tonight, even if our masters have returned to their home, that doesn’t mean our fun has to end.”

And then my three daughters and I make love for the rest of the night.


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