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The Modern Age - Sexy Imperial Half-Elf

A She-Wolf


I just want to share a few screenshots(okay, maybe a crap-load of screenshots) and maybe there will be some commentary here and there on what I learned at the time and what I know now. And yes, I'm aware I'm not a prodigy at skyrim-modding.


There are literally thousands of modders more talented than I at character creation, virtual photography, and as I've never once published my own developed mod(I never plan to either) I will never try to take credit for all the hard work and talent that went into the mods I use in my game. This belongs to those who have toiled, ached and shed tears over their keyboards just for a higher quality game, and were so kind as to publish it freely to the public, allowing players like myself to enjoy their hard work as well.


90% of everything I know about creating characters came from this website; For me, Lover's Lab has been the largest wealth of english-written knowledge on the web about making your game, not only work, but literally work beautifully, and work well. Since there's too many people to thank for this and since thanking someone for the art they create is somewhat insulting to the artist in my opinion, I'll just state here a huge thanks to everyone who's ever shared what they've learned, be it mod-work, inspiring screenshots, mod load-order, or just a useful tip to make everything better. You know who you are. Thank you.


Okay, I think I've bantered on long enough. Here is a bare-breasted beauty for your interest -


My girlfriend and I just watched an animated classic this past week on youtube. It's called Fire and Ice.. American animation, 1983. Fucking gorgeous. And very inspiring. That's where I got the name. Teagra is my latest character, and the first one to take advantage of the newest version of RaceMenu, XPMSE, and CBBE HDT through my own custom Bodyslide preset.




New Sliders with XPMSE and RaceMenu - anatomically feminine hands are now possible through character creation!






This armor mashup is one I've been using for months now, still one of my favorites. It's evolved quite a bit over that time too, thanks to leagues traveled by armor conversions to Bodyslide. I really recommend you check out the corresponding thread to those here on LL.




The She-Wolf is still my favorite sword mod. I suppose it's overpowered for a one-handed, but not so much that it's not a blast to hold at all times.












Using Aether Suite's lighting and background for photosnapping feels like cheating sometimes. Criminal how easy it is to get a gorgeous picture there really.






If you're having trouble getting your body overlays to show in the right color (like my pretty green fluff down there) try adding just a tiny bit of glow to the overlay. But not too much!








That's it for now. I hope you enjoy. <3


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