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[Sims4] Chimochicchi Animations for WickedWhims (UPDATE 2020/03/02)

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゚+。*゚+。。+゚*。+゚ ゚+。*゚+。。+゚*。+゚ ゚+。*゚+。。+゚*。゚+。*゚+。。+゚*゚+。。+゚*。+゚+。*゚+。。+゚*。+゚ ゚+。*゚+。。+゚*。+゚


Chimochicchi Animations for WickedWhims

[PATREON] 2 Pack Animation added every month.

- PATREON Update has been stopped now -



FREE Animation List [LoversLab] (UPDATED 2020/03/02) New Updated!!

If you can't download from LoversLab, Please download from here. http://www.simfileshare.net/download/1553158/


Female Masturbation Daydream (Double Bed)

Female Masturbation Daydream 01

Female masturbation Daydream 02

Female Masturbation Daydream 03

Female Masturbation Daydream Climax

Doggy Hardcore (Dining Table)

Doggy Hardcore Handjob 01

Doggy Hardcore 02

Doggy Hardcore 03

Doggy Hardcore Climax

Doggy Chair (Living Chair)

Doggy Chair Licking 01

Doggy Chair 02

Doggy Chair 03

Doggy Chair Climax

Handjob & Blowjob Shelf (Cat and Dogs EP)) + (Base Games)

Handjob Shelf 01

Blowjob Shelf 02

Blowjob Shelf Climax

Missionary Sliding Door (All Sliding Door)

Blowjob Missionary Sliding Door 01

Missionary Sliding Door 02

Missionary Sliding Door 03

Missionary Sliding Door Climax

Blowjob, Doggy & Missionary Desk

Blowjob Desk 01

Doggy Desk 01

Doggy Desk 02

Doggy Desk Climax

Missionary Desk 01

Missionary Desk 02

Missionary Desk Climax

Blowjob Sofa

Blowjob Sofa 01

Blowjob Sofa 02

Blowjob Sofa Climax

Cowgirl Sofa

Cowgirl Sofa 01

Cowgirl Sofa 02

Cowgirl Sofa 03

Cowgirl Sofa Climax

Pearly Gates Bed

Pearly Gates Bed 01

Pearly Gates Bed 02

Pearly Gates Bed 03

Pearly Gates Bed Climax

Doggy Bed

Doggy Bed 01

Doggy Bed 02

Doggy Bed 03

Doggy Bed Climax

Doggy Counter (FM, MM)

Doggy Counter 01 [Teasing]

Doggy Counter 02 [Vaginal, Anal(MM)]

Doggy Counter 03 [Vaginal, Anal(MM)]

Doggy Counter Climax [Vaginal, Anal(MM)]

Missionary Standing (FM, MM)

Missionary Standing 01

Missionary Standing 02

Missionary Standing 03

Missionary Standing Climax


New!! Masturbation on The Beach/ on The Bed Animations (F)

Masturbation on The Beach 01/ on The Bed 01

Masturbation on The Beach 02/ on The Bed 02

Masturbation on The Beach 03/ on The Bed 03

Masturbation on The Beach 04/ on The Bed 04

Masturbation on The Beach CLIMAX/ on The Bed CLIMAX


 PATREON Animation List (UPDATED 2019/12/31)

- PATREON Update has been stopped now -











Shower Series (FM, MM)

Blowjob Shower 01 [Vaginal, Anal(MM)]

Doggy Shower 02 [Vaginal, Anal(MM)]

Missionary Shower 03 [Vaginal, Anal(MM)]

Missionary Shower Climax [Vaginal, Anal(MM)]

[PATRONS GIFT] Columns Animations (FM, MM)

Dancing Columns 01 [Teasing]

Masturbation Columns Climax 02

[PATRONS GIFT] Disco Animations

Disco Teasing 01

Disco Teasing 02

Handjob & Blowjob Wardrobe Cabinet (Cat and Dogs EP)) + (Base Games)

Handjob Wardrobe Cabinet 01

Blowjob Wardrobe Cabinet 02

Blowjob Wardrobe Cabinet Climax

Doggy Sink (FM)

Doggy Sink 01

Doggy Sink 02

Doggy Sink 03

Doggy Sink 04

Doggy Sink Climax

Cowgirl Bed (FM)

Cowgirl Bed 01

Cowgirl Bed 02

Cowgirl Bed 03

Cowgirl Climax

Cowgirl Bathtub (FM)

Kissing Bathtub 01

Cowgirl Bathtub 02

Cowgirl bathtub 03

Cowgirl Bathtub Climax

Threesome Bed (FMM)

Touching Threesome Bed 01

Licking Threesome Bed 02

Cowgirl Threesome Bed 03

Handjob Threesome Climax

Threesome Bed 2 (FFM)

Teasing Threesome Bed 01

Handjob Threesome Bed 02

Cowgirl Threesome Bed 03

Blowjob Threesome Bed Climax

Doggy Ottoman (FM)

Doggy Ottoman 01

Doggy Ottoman 02

Doggy Ottoman 03

Doggy Ottoman Climax

Male Masturbation Animations

Masturbation Kinky 01

Masturbation Kinky 02

Masturbation Kinky 03

Masturbation Kinky Climax

Skating Public + Window Animations (FM)

Skating Public Handjob 01

Skating Public Blowjob 02

Skating Public Doggy 03

Skating Public Doggy 04

Skating Public Doggy Climax

Workout Machine Cowgirl Animations (FM)

Workout Machine Blowjob 01

Workout Machine Cowgirl 02

Workout Machine Cowgirl 03

Workout Machine Cowgirl 04

Workout Machine Cowgirl Climax

Cowgirl Sofa 2 Animations (FM)

Cowgirl Sofa_2 01

Cowgirl Sofa_2 02

Cowgirl Sofa_2 03

Cowgirl Sofa_2 04

Cowgirl Sofa_2 Climax

Bar Counter Animations (FM)

Licking Pussy On The Bar Counter 01

Blowjob On The Bar Counter 02

Missionary On The Bar Counter 03

Missionary On The Bar Counter 04

Missionary On The Bar Counter CLIMAX

Hardcore2 Dining Table Animations (FM)

Blowjob Hardcore2 01

Doggy Hardcore2 02

Missionary Hardcore2 03

Missionary Hardcore2 04

Missionary Hardcore2 CLIMAX

Missionary on The Beach Animations (FM)

Teasing on The Beach 01

Missionary on The Beach 02

Missionary on The Beach 03

Missionary on The Beach 04

Missionary on The Beach CLIMAX

Blowjob & Sitting on The Beach Animations (FM)

Blowjob on The Beach 01

Sitting on The Beach 02

Sitting on The Beach 03

Sitting on The Beach CLIMAX

Kissing & Doggy on The Float Animations (FM)

Kissing on The Float 01

Doggy on The Float 02

Doggy on The Float 03

Doggy on The Float 04

Doggy on The Float CLIMAX

Doggy at The Door Animations (FM)

Doggy at The Door 01

Doggy at The Door 02

Doggy at The Door 03

Doggy at The Door 04

Doggy at The Door CLIMAX

Blowjob & Missionary Animations (FM)

Handjob from Behind 01

Missionary on the Bed 02

Missionary on the Bed 03

Blowjob on the Bed 04

Blowjob on the Bed CLIMAX

Kissing & Cowgirl Animations (FM)

Kissing on the Bed 01

Cowgirl on the Bed 02

Cowgirl on the Bed 03

Cowgirl on the Bed 04

Cowgirl on the Bed CLIMAX

Romantic Kissing & Missionary Animations (FM)

Romantic Kissing on the Bed 01

Romantic Vaginal on the Bed 02

Romantic Licking on the Bed 03

Romantic Vaginal on the Bed 04

Romantic Vaginal on the Bed CLIMAX

Professional Massage Animations (FM)

Technician Massage 01

Cunnilingus Massage 02

Cowgirl Massage 03

Cowgirl Massage 04 (Cowgirl on the Bed 04)

Cowgirl Massage CLIMAX (Cowgirl on the Bed CLIMAX)

Kinky Guitar Girl Animations (F)

Kinky Guitar Girl 01

Kinky Guitar Girl 02

Kinky Guitar Girl 03

Kinky Guitar Girl 04

Kinky Guitar Girl 05 (CLIMAX)

Flashing Toilet (Discover University EP) (FM)

Flashing Toilet 01

Flashing Toilet 02

Flashing Toilet 03

Flashing Toilet CLIMAX

New!! Flashing Toilet (Base Game) (FM)

Flashing Toilet 01

Flashing Toilet 02

Flashing Toilet 03

Flashing Toilet CLIMAX


You need WickedWhims to use my animations.


゚+。*゚+ .. +゚*。+゚゚+。*゚+ .. +゚*。+゚゚+。*゚+ .. +゚*。゚+。*゚+ .. +゚*゚+ .. +゚*。+゚+。*゚+ .. +゚*。+゚゚+。*゚+ .. +゚*。+°




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