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SOS - Dragonborn Male Armors Conversion for SOS 2.3

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About This File

This is basically changes male armors of DLC2 Dragonborn into SOS compatible "REVEALING" armors.

No script used in this mod and Just adds a key that SOS core can recognize the armors are revealing SOS ones.



It converts the following armors and clothes of DLC ones.




Bonemold Armor

Chitin Armor (Heavy and Light)

Nordic Carved Armor

Stahlrim Armor (Heavy and Light)


Cultist Robe

Darkelf Robe

Miraak Robe

Skaal Clothes

Telvanni Robe (some clipping may occur)

Temple Robe











All credits to the Creator of SOS.







** Requirements



2. Schlongs of Skyrim (of course)

3. AOKI's SOS - Revealing Armors for SOS (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36903/?)


Important :

* This mod support only "Regular Body" type, not "Bodybuilder Body" type.

I don't have plan to release Bodybuilder Body Type mesh.



** How to install


If you prefer "no underwear" version, download "SOS - DLC2 Dragonborn Conversion Custom ver.2.3_no_underwear_release.7z".



1. Just unpack the attachment to Skytrim's Data Folder and enable the mod in the Skyrim Launcher.




Use NMM.

Say "No" to "Upgrade the mod" message.

(Yes, I'm too lazy to include the mod information in the attached file... smile.png)


2. Load order must be later than SOS.


3. AOKI's Revealing Armors series are strongly recommended prior to this mod.



Also check out the original post here





Enjoy! until SAM comes out!

What's New in Version 2.3


  • Ver.1.0 : Initial Release
  • Ver.2.0 : Some meshes replaced and modified more properly.
  • Ver.2.1 : Fixed some mesh problem (Bonemold armor weighting problem fixed, Chitin Armor mesh corrected)
  • Ver.2.2 : Added transparent Crouch Underwear as a default.
  • Fixed Some Mesh Problems.
  • Ver.2.21 : Changed Texture
  • Ver.2.3 : skaal coat reworked
  • Morag Tong ARmor Texture fixed
  • 1st person arms added

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