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Be Trainer Vendor SSE (aka BTV)


A simple mod that allows almost any actor (even creatures if wanted) to offer Trainer & Vendor services.
BTV is a standalone mod and does NOT EDIT or touch any VANILLA game assets at all.


Originally I wrote this for oldrim a while ago.
While setting up SSE I discovered I still had it on one of my drives.
So thought I'd convert and offer it here on LL for a bit.




Optional (Recommended):
Fuz Ro D'oh (for actors that don't have generic shared dialogue which BTV uses)


Extract the contents of BTV_SSE.7z to your data directory.
Enable BTV.esp in your load order and play.


After Install Tip:
Default when installed any Actor will offer Trainer Vendor services.
Simply configure via MCM to get things to your preference.
Point at controls in MCM and read what they are or do.


General Info:
There are multiple methods you can use to permit or deny actors to offer BTV services.
These range from basic MCM Presets or by manually adding actors via target and a configurable key press.
Manually added actors have per actor full control of exactly what they can offer you.
You can talk to any actor that offers BTV services and tell them not to offer services any more.
All manually added or ignored actors can be cleared at anytime via MCM options.
All manually added actors can offer remote training via options listed on there MCM page
All manually added actors you can also quick travel to them via MCM.


Vendor Info:
Vendor services can offer one or all types with any actor.
You can boost the amount of cash that the BTV vendors will have (via MCM).
You can specify if vendor stock and cash is reset every access (via MCM).


Trainer Info:
Trainer services still cost the standard amount of money
Unlike the vanilla trainers you can not pickpocket or take the paid money back.
Any single actor can offer one up to all types of training services.
You can configure who offers what type(s) of training for any actor offering BTV services.
You can specify how many Training Per Level is permitted (only affects BTV trainer dialogue).
Trainers can be set to offer services that match your level (configurable level crossover via MCM).
Trainers can can also set to be master 100 trainers ignoring your level (configure in MCM).


MCM Translations:
BTV has translation files for MCM, but all languages are presently in English only.
For those that want to translate MCM the translation files can be found in:

Use BTV or any part of it as you please.
No need to ask for permission or give credit.
Source is in the BSA.


For problems, errors or general questions feel free to post.



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