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Sexy Feminine Tavern Leathers-tattler edition 180907

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About This File

Was disabled on the nexus because a 2nd round of tattlers tattled about the title "Sexy Feminine Tavern Leathers-tattler edition" and where they sited in the nexus constitution that they were ordained to tattle as bestowed on them by the nexus constitution.



original description: Tattlers are weak, spineless parasites.


It appears a tattler complained about me using the Triss leggings in my last outfit mod and not giving credit to the Witcher 3 and the professionals at CD Product Red. I had no idea where leggings came from but I liked them.

I went back and made my own counterfeit Triss leggings from vanilla assets in Skyrim. I here by proclaim them Piss leggings. I would now like to genuflect before me, acknowledge and give thanks to myself for the Piss leggings. So, I win.


  • Daggers on leggings are just for looks and aren't functional
  • CBBE HDT-PE / females only
  • armor protection 25.(I hear you LupusHegemonia)
  • Craftable
  • Go grab the set just outside of Whiterun Keep.  see screenshots
  • body-slide also provided for your favorite bodytypes and conversions

Thanks to gutris1 for his mod
I altered and retextured his vest to my liking

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