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Increase size slider for Schlongs of Skyrim 0.01

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Love Schlongs of Skyrim (SoS), but frustrated that you can't make things even bigger? Now you can!


I adjusted the "Schlong size" slider to go to a much higher maximum range. Testing has been minimal, and I have trouble getting NPCs to keep their clothes off. However, if you want to see barbarians walking around with erections the size of busses - and you know you do - this mod makes it possible.


Copy to the "Data" folder of Skyrim to install. You can reinstall the original SoS over this if you want to go back to the old limits.


Thanks to the developers of Schlongs of Skyrim for making the game way more fun to play!

What's New in Version 0.01


  • 20140103: Version 0.01 posted.
  • In SOS_Config, adjusted the range of SetSliderDialog for oidGlobalSchlongSizeBoostFactor.

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