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About This File

This mod is for those who want their orc men to be hairy, but would rather not have the other elves and humans hairy, as well. This was suggested to me and I loved the idea, so I just know we can't be the only two wanting this. If this is already available and I've somehow overlooked it, please let me know and I'll link it here.





This mod requires

SOS - Schlongs of Skyrim and all of its dependencies.

If you use SOS Light, you cannot use the schlong addons, so you will have issues with that unless you use underwear. Just be warned of that.





SOS Hairy Orcs

If you use the underwear rather than any schlongs, please install only this file.





Hairy Orcs Muscular schlong

You must have the VectorPlexus Muscular schlong installed for the addon to work properly, or you will have issues.

Hairy Orcs Regular schlong

You must have the VectorPlexus Regular schlong installed for the addon to work properly, or you will have issues.




- HOW TO -

Install with NMM?

Download the NMM file available in the downloads section.




Make sure all orcs use only these schlongs?

In SOS' in-game mod menu, go to your other addons and turn off orcs and orc vampires.

Restart SOS if you're actively having issues on a scale wider than one guy.

For a stubborn individual, select the dude who's got the wrong one and manually give him the hairy schlong.





Let me know of any other hairy schlongs unique to orcs and they'll be added to this list.

I have no current plans right now to create a Smurf schlong for these orcs, but if it's requested, I might.





Thank you for giving me your time, any feedback is greatly appreciated, since this is my first public mod!!

If you have other texture separations you'd like to see, please suggest them at the original [now re-purposed] post


Otherwise, if you'd like to have the smurf schlong or have texture suggestions or requests for the orcs specifically, let me know in this thread.

What's New in Version 1.0


  • v.1.0: Minor bug in NMM installer fixed and images added. "Official" release.
  • v.0.9 [testing]: Basic NMM installer available.
  • v.0.6 [testing]: Removed "Hairy Orcs Schlong" addon, added "Hairy Orcs Muscular Schlong" and "Hairy Orcs Regular Schlong" addons, Minor bug fixes.
  • v.0.3 [testing]: Base file, one addon.

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