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[XCL] [0.19] Valentine Surprise 1.19.2

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About This File

AKA, the first REAL relationship mod for XCL. Take your significant other on a real date inside the game!


This mod is dedicated to all the people who sacrifice in real life to make an amazing game and mods for an amazing game. And for those who sacrifice their time with their SO so that we can enjoy an amazing game. The list of names is too long, but if you have contributed to this project in any way, this is a thank you for YOU!


Eventually this will be morphed into a proper seasonal event for XCL.


Requires The Wharf V1.18.8 or later to function.


From the README:


                    VALENTINE'S DAY SURPRISE



Edit the .twee file and change
(set:$FemaleDateName to "Jessica") change this name to YOUR name if you are a female
(set:$MaleDateName to "Tony") change this name to YOUR name if you are a male
(set:$RomanticSpeech to "I love you") change this $var to a custom love speech to be delivered at the end of the night

Yes the mod loader thinks it conflicts with Wharf... those are my [around]s
You want YOUR real life name in for $Female and/or $Male DateName. Make a personalized romantic speech for the end here.
Your partner is supposed to play XCL.
Think of this like the SECRETary demo... you should distract your partner as much as possible. Spoiling is good too.
Have a meal ready for the "dinner" scene.
You two are supposed to converse in real life a little over dinner.
You are mostly providing your OWN sex scenes.

Date starts by going to the Announcement Board at the entrance to the Pier in The Wharf. You can access the Wharf, by choosing "go to beach" in the planner. "Walk the Beach" takes you into the Wharf.

WARNING: This event only kicks off on the first 1-60 days of a playthrough (or the first 1-60 days after a multiple of 365)... except the initial launch version will have a button to change the season to "Icestravaganza"
You can play through in advance to know what is coming. Or just roll with it and be surprised.

If you do the playthrough, try to guess what your partner will choose as their meal and set up the right meals for dinner.
You can customize the experience as much as you like by editing the .twee
There is a gift ring scene that could be modified for those looking for a unique way to propose. I would HIGHLY recommend having a REAL ring handy, if you do this.
Remember, this mod is all about enjoying XCL with your partner. You do work on XCL. You deserve a reward. Enjoy.

Edited by Dragon42
Updated main description

What's New in Version 1.19.2   See changelog


Eliminated a bunch of conflicts with The Wharf. Will require The Wharf 1.19.1 to function properly.


It still conflicts with announce board and this is by design

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