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SEED BEE skin A (for free) 1.0.0

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"I am one of the fans of the Sims author BANK42n. I've customized a skin texture based on their model textures. I improved upon the previous textures to make the skin transitions more natural and also added extra color options. This includes normal styles, scarred styles, and four special styles: zombie, mold, flayed, and metallic, to cater to those with unique preferences. I will be sharing my creations for free randomly in the future. Please follow my Patreon. Thank you for your support."


my patreonSEED BEE | creating The Sims 4 CC | Patreon


penis download: BANK42n (tumblr.com)

                      or  BANK42n | creating The Sims 4 CC | Patreon

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