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Wildwolves - the Lykaios Sibling(s) Followers UNP-UUNP CBBE-3BA HIMBO 1.0.0

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About This File

Wildwolfes - the Lykaios Siblings


Two siblings agaisn't the world.
(avaiable in LRB and Standalone)


As two proud member of the Northern Tribes. Thorn and Fern were proudly and boldly practicing and learning the ways of the
Mountain(Volcano). The Mountain loudly and strongly spat fire from its
mouth. At least it did till the fire didn't burn out. The silence and
sudden missing voices of the mountain were devastating for the tribe.
The tribe leaders couldn't accept this. They have decided they will make
a challenge. The Challenge of the Wildwolves.

Thorn and Fern without a hesitation took the challenge and ventured into the wild to
learn the powers of the Wildfire. The fire which only the lost tribes of
the Dryads can handle. The fire which will be needed to save the
Mountain, and the tribe once and for all. 

The tribe always called them to the Children of the Mountain. Their story was always
inexplicable. Two children without a mother at the mouth of the
Mountain. The ol’ wolf who raised them never asked a question. But after
his death, his unexplained death. Thorn and Fern were only there for
eachother. So they knew that even if they did not know their blood
family, they knew that the ol’ Shay were there for them. He had taught
them to fight, to hunt and to survive in the wilderness. He was a true
survivor and a true father to them.

Thorn and Fern did indeed complete the challenge. They have learned the path of the Wildfire. The
power of the Wildfire. They have spent ages finding the clues, maybe
even more than they were supposed to spend to save the Tribe of the

When they finally arrived back with the Wildfire in their hands. The tribe was nowhere.
Their life, their deeds are worth nothing. The cold has taken everything. The Tribe of the Mountain froze to death.

Fern mentally broken down, while Thorn has no clue what she should suddenly
feel. They were never ready for this. They knew something bad would
happen, but they never wanted to accept it. Fern tried to explain it to
himself that maybe they knew this was the end and they just saved their
life, but it wasn't easy. Thorn under it could not handle it.

With nothing to save, they have buried their old Tribe and have decided they
seek out a new life far more south than they ever was before.

Their adventures lead them into Skyrim. To Skyrim to find out that the old tales of the Dragons are true.

They could not accept seeing another world to fall again. They wanted to
help. on their way they have encountered rumors of a great warrior. a
warrior who people just call to the Dragonborn. They followed the leads, the rumors. They had a good feeling, a feeling
which they had felt a really long time ago. They wanted to meet with
this Dragonborn. They wanted to kill dragons, to help the people. So
they have ventured further and further from the coast to end up in Dragon’s Bridge. The local tavern was quite charming, the locals were kind enough, but quite weird in their own way.

Fern and Thorn have sit down and waited.






Lykaios (own race)
Weight: 90

Height: Standard Lykaios height.
Scales with the player. Base level is 30.
Voice Type: Sultry.
Body: UNP (slim) or CBBE (slim)
Ranger combat AI and AI
As she is from the "Tribes of the North". as a far northerner Lykaios she has a longer tail.
If you're not afraid of getting bitten, then she is very eager to be your wife.
She is wearing the Toughened Traveler Outfit.
Since she has mastered the Marksmanship, she is eager to teach you to aim better, and even tell you about it. (Yes, fully voiced)
Her arsenal is quite powerful. Her crossbow which she have gained on her adventures can easily beat most of the enemies. The name is Tranquility.
 Her Wildfire wolf will aid her in the fight


Wildfire Wolf

A strong and burning mate in fight.
Scales with player. Base level is 30.


Lykaios (own race)
Weight: 90

Height: Standard Lykaios height.
Scales with the player. Base level is 30.
Voice Type: MaleEvenToned.
Body: Basic or HIMBO
Berserker combat AI and AI
If you're not afraid of getting bitten, then he is very eager to be your husband.
He is wearing a Toughened Traveler Outfit.
His arsenal is quite powerful as well. His Forsaken Axe is very decent weapon, as well as his Wildfire Flames.
From the far north. He brought a book with himself as a memento from his "failure" in the past.
Since he has mastered the Axes, he is eager to teach you, and talk with you about it. (Yes. It's fully voiced)
As he is from the "Tribes of the North". as a far northerner Lykaios he has a longer tail.


Credits & Thanks


First of all. Thank You KrittaKitty and BadDog for making such an awesome race.
Also once again Thank you QuarantineCouture for making the Toughened Traveler Outfit
and as well Thank you DomainWolf for Community Overlay 3 and Wolfpaint and for Ziovdendian Bodypaint
Thank you all ❤️




Q: Where can i find them?
A: The lore always contains a hint abour my followers wereabouts.

Q: So they have green fire and green summonables?
A: As the text said. Yes

Q:  Can i learn their powers?
A:  Yes
, you can.

Q: What armor they are wearing on the pictures?
A: Toughened Traveler Outfit.

Q: What is LRB stands for?
A: Acronym for Lykaios Race Based. So you will need the race for it if you see it.

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