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Let's travel to Vietnam, where our dangerous Lan resides, dangerous because she is dedicated to drug trafficking and other shady businesses, she is a veteran army prodigy, she is even trained to get any type of tortures, or until fucked in her ass, but she is a deserter and that's why she works as a mercenary and in the black market, when she catches one of her enemies or victims, but she is in a good mood, she does not kill them instantly, instead, she puts some tests on them, for her fun, the first is that she must measure his cock At least 4 inches, if he is a man, if he is a woman he must have small tits, after that, at the woman, she kill her anyway, or maybe she just threatens her and lets her walk away, it's a 50 and 50, and at the man, she will ride him as hard as she can, the minimum he must endure without cumming is 5 minutes for him to spare his life, and if she cums before him, or before 5 minutes, she will forgive him for the torture and instead allow him to fuck her asshole, it is a fun and pleasurable game, although it is always life and death. 😧🍆💦😜


Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius 


Country: 1f1fb-1f1f3.png


Ethnicity: Asian


Group: Matures


Hair color: Brunette

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