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7 hours ago, Monoman1 said:

I kind of follow.... but not really?

I'm talking about the carrot+apple recipe for the cooking pot.

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On 8/1/2020 at 8:30 AM, ck2modfan said:

Maybe kennel can be used as surrogate for prison in future for low bounties?

This is an interesting idea. I had actually just asked in another thread about getting sent to SS instead of jail, but I like this idea just as much.


For that matter, are there any mods simpler then PoP or DCL that either deal with prison or are an alternative? I'd love to see something in SLS like that but I'm not sure Monoman has any plans/interest in that direction.

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24 minutes ago, Xiaron said:

are there any mods simpler then PoP or DCL that either deal with prison

The simplest would be vanilla prison + ToH => be in prison as long as you like while having an every odd and demanding cellmate.

If that isn't enough, wasn't there a mod called "jailrape" or something?

And there is devious punishment equipment to add some DDs (old from before DDi 4.3) while your in prison... if you don't have Devious Vanilla  installed that adds DDs after sex anyways



> SCB => end up in zap furniture instead of prison if arrested by Prison chain beasts... at least that's the theory

> SLUTS of course! Prison while at the fresh air and get some intense bodywork-out => makes nice legs and lets you see the world from a perverted fetish horse perspective


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1 hour ago, Monoman1 said:

Sorry but cutting up a mod into small little pieces like that isn't like slicing up a cake. 

It's more like hitting the cake with a shovel and then trying to put the cake back together again. 


Besides. I go to a lot of trouble to make sure things turn off completely if/when they're not needed. 

No problem! You're doing a fine job.

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