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What was Your First Ever Computer Game?

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I'm going on 25 next year so I might be a little later to the party than some folks here.  My first PC game?  Stuff for kids back in '98, so played on Windows 98; mostly learning games.  I only remember that much.


First actual game after 'the age of reasoning' came along, if I ever even reached that age, was probably Star Wars Jedi Knight, the one where you play Kyle Katarn.  I switched to console stuff after that, sorry.

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I want to say it was Blaster Pals, probably reading blaster. I loved playing it because there was a part where you record yourself reading the story on the microphone and me and my brother would be so silly while recording. Haha, and then The Sims came soon after. That was for the PC, for consoles? I think it was Banjo Kazoee. I could never beat that stupid little game.

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My first gaming console was an Atari 2600, even though I actually wanted an NES at the time (Thanks, Dad! 🙄). I played with it for a few weeks before destroying the cartridges out of sheer boredom.  What can I say? I was 9!


I did eventually get the NES and I haven't looked back since.

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I vaguely remember some sort of Sesame Street based learning game on hard floppy disk. My uncle had a NES and SNES I used to play at my grandma's house with Super Mario, Donkey Kong, etc.

The first that I really consider mine would have had to have been another space alien based learning game I can't remember the name of.

The first really fun one I remember was a tie between Sim Theme Park and Populous: The Beginning on Windows 98.


I actually have P:tB on my computer now thanks to GOG.

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Well there is a good question right there! I'm not sure if the question is about PC specifically or Consoles as well!


I think on PC it might have been one of the Duke Nukem games the first ones! Not sure if either 1 or 2!

Console, I have absolutely no idea! Might have been Super Mario on an old NES, 90s kid BTW!

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The first I can remember playing was Dangerous Dave, on my Mum's old 386 (still have the original diskette, and the motherboard from that machine). It was either that or Dark Ages (which can't run on machines over 200MHz).

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