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[mod] [Stellaris]The Galaxy is a dark place

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Ok, after playing with this mod for several hours now I got a couple of suggestions (that may have to be implemented after 2.2).


#1 - Make the Enclave that spawns either invulnerable or at least make a mechanic that can respawn the station as when I become a satropy under the Horde Empire (or probably any other Empire with access to my systems), they automatically target the station and destroy it, forcing me to restart the entire mod via console.


#2 - Have some meaningful post 100 opinion interactions. Fair enough the 2 Gaia planets are extremely strong, but other than that there is not much else to the mod after maxing out your opinion other than a few events. Maybe give an option where you can purchase unique ships of varying power in exchange for some pops to be replaced by beasts, or sell off a leader for a full fleet. That way the Beast Lords can remain useful during the endgame when fleets become more and more expensive.


#3 - Different beast factions. This might be a bit of a stretch, however it would be nice to have different beast enclaves that each offer different rewards depending on who you support, for example the original beast enclave could be left as is, but then you have another enclave that is more focused on rewarding you with stronger abilities, but the price is higher (straight up mass rapes to replace pops and you get a large boost in research speeds for instance)  


I really like this mod and I reiterate that this has a lot of potential to become a "must have" in the lewd modding community. (and I still want a list of the artists the images were taken from ? )


Keep it up!!

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Nice mod, thank you man.
But i have some problems with pair events. This one-week fuckfest on the beas arena will be cool, but the ending too cruel for me. Does the she fucked to death or something? The Beast, really inteligent creatures, so i dont think they can do this. Can you change the text please? On something like - She was puting on hospital, but after healing, it turned out that she adducted to this brutal rapes and diffenetly be on next festivity. Yoeah, sounds silly, i know, but that things really bothering me. Trying to create peaceful empire, and then this.
Also, beast prostitution event is little bit silly and hain to much money for player.
Hope it was not offensive, i just decided to share my impressions after the game.

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I would like to at some point, but if I do I would also want to add some more stuff. However currently I am not realy interested in stellaris. If I ever get back to the game I might update this mod.

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I know this is a little late but is there any reason why beastrandom.4 and onwards won't happen? I have max relations and even trying to force it with a console command doesn't work. I'm running Stellaris on the 2.1 beta - is that the problem?

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On 3/5/2019 at 8:55 PM, Canderous89 said:

Can we expect an update of this mod anytime soon or has it been abondened?

For now I have pretty much abandoned it. Currently I am just not interested in stellaris so I am not realy interested in modding the game either. I am bridging the time until imperator rome with some ck2 modding for now.

However if you want update the mod/expand it or add it to your own mod please do so. I also have some unfinished features and ideas lying around so if anyone is interested in continueing this I can send them to him.

Sry to disappoint you but for the forseeable future I won't be working on this.

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"How hard can it be" says guy who's only done config, not content, mods in his life as they foolishly try and step in to refactor TGIADP for 2.2...


Initially I'll refactor to make all the content work, skipping over bits that didn't carry over from 1.8 to 2.2 such as tiles. But if I can create a custom strategic resource that can be spawned on a planet to replace the pet, that can be tied to a bunch of things including a tile blocker that needs a tech from the Beast to allow you to build a building

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Ok I just talked with Lithia from Lustfull Void. She has already merged multiple stellaris mods that have been discontinued in her own mod and updated and expanded on them there.

I have also given her permission to do merge my mod into her mod. So that will be the future of this mod. I'll also change the mod description to represent that. 

Thank you for all your feedback, and thank you to Lithia for taking up this mod.

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