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2 hours ago, 2cool4u_1 said:

Some sliders (includes an Asymmetrical Facial slider).


Thank you for the link! I never really dived deely into luumia´s site. Seems to be the time to do so.... :classic_laugh:


And I am not interested in realistic looking sims but in more diverse, even more cartoonish ones. I love the ones NIXELS made for example (https://nixels.tumblr.com/), and I also adore Aden´s (DevonBumpkin on Twitch, YT and on the gallery) stuff, his builds and sims. And the most of them aren´t beautiful but have a very own look.

Sadly I am not really good in making sims, mostly cause it is so utterly time consuming, and the other half is my lack of talent. Likke I said, all my selfmade sims have one face, always the same... :classic_blink:

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5 hours ago, carlfatal said:

Sadly I am not really good in making sims, mostly cause it is so utterly time consuming, and the other half is my lack of talent. Likke I said, all my selfmade sims have one face, always the same... :classic_blink:


I can relate. I've created only two sims during my entire time playing. Every other sims is a product of genetics 😑

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@carlfatal Heh, maybe it does end up looking like that 😅 Anyway, regarding time-consuming CAS, I duno, you seem like a builder, and that in my experience is waaaay more time consuming that making sims, if you want to do it well. 


On a different note, I was doing a bit of brush-up on one of my old sims, Jenny Kaplan (on the left), and decided to maybe generate some family members for her for possible future use and one of the first results I got for her brother kind of turned out (I have not touched any sliders  yet, only thing I did was choose the beard and a different hairstyle and color rather than blond) pretty well. Sort of looks like a weird mix between Keanu Reeves and Adrien Brody maybe?



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@2cool4u_1 Thank you for the slider links! I'll check them out.

@7cupsbobatae Gorgeous sims! Stay safe.


A new character re-creation I put together on a whim rather quickly. Some of you might recognize her. I based the sim on her in-game look and photos of Yvonne Strahovski who had both voice acted Miranda and was used as the basis for her appearance (I think Strahovski is prettier though).



So... Let me get this straight, Shepard...

Are you telling me that somehow you need to... be intimate with every single attractive member of your crew to complete the mission?



Is this some kind of dumb meta joke, commander?

>> PARAGON: Of course I am joking, Officer Lawson. We are all professionals here.... so I need to sleep only with you. Unless you would like the Asari to join us as well?

RENEGADE: I'm deadly serious, Miranda. Tell the others and remember that the fate of humanity is at stake here!



Uggh... 🙄


Some regular poses. Also shows her in an alternative black bodysuit.


  Hide contents



















Face closeups with some minor changes I made later including the clearer eyes.








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Fianlly, here's the Caliente Household ! I remade mainly Nina because she was really ugly, but I was very surprised to see that Dina model was so good. When I delete her make up I found her more appealing than before. And it's not the first time I notice it (Lilith Vatore for example) : EA/Maxis made very good characters but sucks for dressing up a Sim.




Katrina Cl







Dina Caliente








Nina Caliente








Don Lothario







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@mrrakkonn Ooh, fun! I use the dress on two sims already. It's so pretty. 🤩 Your sims wears it well! See the spoilers for details.






This is how Angela wears it. With snowlake-themed earrings and a tiara.




The clipping of the right earring with the hair bothered me so much I made a simple standalone edit:


[erplederp] Toksik Laura Earring - Left (Edit).package


I think the tiara's swatch with the blue-ish gems is a (standalone) recolor by me:


[erplederp] Pearl Tiara Low (Hat, Recolor).package

[erplederp] Pearl Tiara High (Hat, Recolor).package


Glitter might look decent with it, depending on how fabulous you want her to be. 😄


[erplederp] Body Glitter (Ring, crabb Recolor).package


I use a purple eyeshadow which kind of fits into the look, but it probably wouldn't work great with the brown eyes. I definitely like the bright pink lipstick you used. Matching pink nails might fit nicely.






This is how Elsa wears it - with the snowflake-themed earrings and the matching necklace.








A minor thing - a matching nail polish and ring. The ring is a base game recolor by me I think. Let me know if you'd like those and I'll dig them up too. 🙂


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@erplederp the pattern I noticed in all your sims has become a trademark Elsa being your flagship Sim. I was going to offer a request for a Sim for the Halloween season (hey it could even be a project for me) but was preoccupied the last couple days. (Halloween with the nephews). Mavis from Hotel Transylvania seems she would be right up your alley. 😀


60+ Hotel Transylvania ideas in 2020 | hotel transylvania, transylvania,  mavis hotel transylvania

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What I've been doing to pass the time on this very stressful day that doesn't involve consuming news media:

  1. Spending quality time with my dog.251705319_11-03-20_8-49-12PM.jpg.8534a34457b50fcd1780179ab8733556.jpg
  2. Filling out application forms to transfer to my preferred universities, and later working on my D&D campaign.2116357137_11-03-20_8-44-34PM.jpg.cfcdab17ebf8645d4ecff85984742f1d.jpg
  3. Enjoying a cold, refreshing glass of my favorite alcoholic beverage, vodka and OJ.1391433273_11-03-20_8-57-03PM.jpg.fe0dfc194943a96154c04af653a39d2d.jpg
  4. Mentally and physically preparing myself for American Civil War 2 by familiarizing myself with various firearms and guerrilla warfare tactics so that I may more effectively brutalize my former friends, family members, and neighbors as the USA collapses under the weight of its own hubris and its people devour each other.907962118_11-03-20_8-55-06PM.jpg.1daaf4fc59cddb4f29f989fa8d006c06.jpg
  5. Getting high as fuck. #420blazeit282121393_11-03-20_8-46-31PM.jpg.02e3d212499ea85c9f0db42fdc34c9c6.jpg

For real though, while this post is meant to be a joke, I am very anxious for the future of my country. I know the US has had a lot of issues before this presidency happened, but it seems as though a lot of the country's core issues have become a lot more apparent in the last few years. Political violence and domestic terrorism has been on a steady uptick and only appears to be getting worse, and I'm afraid that the results of this election could be the thing that propels us into a second civil war. I really don't want that to happen, but it seems inevitable and life has taught me that being optimistic is a complete waste.


I'm 24 years old, and in the time that I've been alive, I've witnessed one of the most shocking terrorist attacks in modern history, I've witnessed 2 major economic recessions, I've been through lockdowns at school because of "suspicious activity" from someone off campus, I thought I lost my parents in the Las Vegas shooting (neither of them were shot, thankfully, but they were very close to where it happened), a high school friend of mine was killed by a reckless driver, my older sister just got out of a toxic relationship with her manipulative shit cunt of an ex-husband, the city right next to the one I live in is filled with meth dealers and literal fucking klansman, I tried to kill myself last year, and now I have a baby niece to worry about because I'm pretty fucking sure that she's gonna inherit a way worse situation than I did. And a lot of the shit that I just mentioned? I had no control over or any say in. It was a bunch of crazy shit that came from outside sources. WHAT. THE. FUCK. So forgive me if I come off as a bit pessimistic.


I don't know if this section of the post violates one of the rules of this site, but I just needed to get this out somewhere and I was already making this post, so fuck it, here we are. If this comes off as too much of a downer for this thread, then I'll just erase this post, but I'll keep it up for now. I'm scared, I'm frustrated, I'm mentally exhausted, I'm stressed out, and no amount of booze, weed, antidepressants, mood stabilizers, or snarky internet posts are gonna fix that. I am fucked up. 


No matter what happens tonight, the final weeks of 2020 are going to suck. Good luck everyone.


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