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45 minutes ago, 2cool4u_1 said:

? Welcome back @R-Lo This time you were gone for quite a while (Oct 3). You have a lot to catch up on.

Hi and thanks! thanks everyone for your contributions ?  been catching up but ran out of thumbs for now ? been a tough month but surviving, didnt realise it'd been that long as things are stll a blur with the covid restrictions and everything else ? still working on things but hard to find a schedule while feeling like everything I'm doing is not enough and hate to half ass things , Thanks to all for keeping the thread active and interesting ? I got some pics to share shortly and hope you like and a look at some animation, been quite anxiouus about the hold up on my updates and sorry to keep you all waiting but thanks for the patience and encouragements and I pray its worth the wait ?

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I didn´t read your posting before, so I am answering now, cause I must. What erplederp described with, what I also understand as a very important factor for "cuteness" is the existence of, what is called child schema. This works, even if one, like you or me loves interesting noses for example.


The sims I create are, what I think, is beautiful, or better said, is attractive to me. But this child scheme is working on another scale, it provides protection for children, that would otherwise get lost, and the word "cute" perfectly describes this kind of thing for me. I wouldn´t say, that your sims look cute to me. They often look very attractive, and I really love the one on your first picture. But cute? And even your sims have bigger eyes, than adult humans usually have.


If I make a sim, my first work always is to smallen the eyes to be more realistic. That is not cute, that is the opposite. But all of this can be changed by other details, cause we often like details on our partners instead of a general overview. This is some kind of protection, that is needed to be able to live in a partnership and raise children, cause we would run away for every attractive looking person otherwise. We tend to ignore, what we don´t like, if there is a detail, that we can focus on.


I am more on your side, if it comes to the playability of such a "girl". I want to see some kind of adult personality in a face, and this child schema is not providing personalitiy, as this can cause rejection. A baby is protected by not having any personality. So my sims have at least one detail, that is outstanding and if it would be seen alone, often called unattractive. Lilith for example has a real hook of a nose. And her mouth is too big to be called cute. But she has these cat eyes, and she has other details, that I find super attractive, and I know, that all my female sims, that are made for active playing, look exactly that way. But cute? No, Lilith is not cute, she is difficult and intelligent and sometimes aggressive and hot headed. This should be reflected by her face.

Once I said, that the girls I like to play in games mostly look like Pippi Longstocking, and people, who know the books and the series always tend to say, that this is so.


But hell, erplederp´s girl is, what I call cute, even if I consider, that I never would like to play with her ingame... And that is also not meant offensive towards erplederp, it´s only a difference in, what we want to see. Some kind of perfection or some kind of realism, some"thing" we want to protect, or some"thing" we like to set free with all consequences. I use the term thing here, cause sims in my eyes are dolls, not humans or simulations of humans. We are free to do with them, whatever we want.


Sorry for so much text, but I did read yours and I have to confess, that I was thinking a lot about the difference between your sims and this particular "perfect" girl, erplederp made.

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5 hours ago, carlfatal said:


@snowdog04, the eye slider is not in the detail view but the normal head view. You can grab the eye and make it bigger or smaller then. It´can be a bit tricky, as you also can change the size of the pupillary distance

Yes, and I've done it before... but now I can NOT find a spot where the enlarge icon pops up.  I can tilt them and move them around, but I can't change the size.

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Happy Halloween or your local equivalent if there's one, everyone! ?


Don't open if sexy spider ladies spook you. ?️?️







@Holly Vinedal Great atmospheric shots! ?

13 hours ago, 7cupsbobatae said:

Meet Derek! He's a lifeguard by day and a hornball by night! Was trying some poses on him and he looked awesome! ♥

I'm inclined to agree! ?

13 hours ago, Juliette Tango said:

Especially if a cat were riding the roomba!

Please tell me I was not the only one bamboozled by the play button. ?


@R-Lo Ayyy, so good to see you! ?

4 hours ago, R-Lo said:

Her name is Kayda 

A... fishy demoness? ??


12 hours ago, mrrakkonn said:

I think I kind of disagree with you about "cuteness" and what characterizes it and how to get it with sims. ...

PS: Don't mean to be an asshole or anything, I just wanted to state my opinion on this!

? That's fine! A little more elaborated answer in the spoiler.


The "rules" I mentioned are not absolute nor the only way to make good looking sims (and the popularity of your sims speaks for themselves, they really have that more realistic girl-next-door charm for me), although many of my sims tend to follow them to some degree. It is better to take them just as a quick and somewhat reductive shorthand for one particular style. They easily apply to a lot of stylized/animated characters, such as many Overwatch heroines or Disney princesses. There are even articles complaining about the "same face" with the latter. ? The heavily accented eyes make characters more expressive, as you point out too, both for the animators and the viewers.




The same features are typically used for female characters (and males to an extent too) in manga comics. I think most of R-Lo's sims dropped straight from one. ?




(The first image result for "manga face". ?)


You are right definitely right that the complete look is a full picture thing, including the hairstyle, makeup and such. A good point about the eyebrows as well. I try to make those fairly accurate. Depending on their shape they can make the character look passionate, refined, happy or innocent... Punzie's eyebrows with the inner ends being straight rather than curving downwards give her the look of a permanent mild surprise (she hasn't seen many things when being locked in her tower for 18 years).


@carlfatal An interesting post... even if I don't think I understood it all perfectly. ? My thoughts in the spoiler.


It is true that characters drawn in this particular (manga) style look younger or more child-like in appearance due to different facial proportions which I guess is what makes them more endearing in a way. Children's faces are usually drawn with even more exaggerated features (even rounder face, fuller cheeks, eyes covering half of their face in some cases) compared to teens or young adults.




A good point about the distinction between cute and attractive, even though I feel "cute" is very often used to cover both the meanings in English... or at least it seems so to me as a non-native speaker.


I see your point about perfection and the importance of "flaws"... I think. A perfectly symmetrical, beautiful face with a flawless skin can easily trigger the uncanny valley effect and the lack of personality you mention. I called this particular sim "perfect, just like a doll" in a PM, too. I usually try to add some freckles to disrupt the perfection and symmetry (Punzie has them too), but there's only so much skin details can do and they are often not even visible from a far. It would be neat if one could "unlock" sliders to be independent on each side of the face.

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@R-Lo, wow, completely wowed... And I can only try to imagine, how much work is hidden behind these pictures and short videos. But if the outcome is pure art... ?


And I think, you perfectly understand, what I tried to say. :classic_smile: There is no real difference between "cute" and "beautiful" in the English language, as English is full of synonymes. So I called it the "feel", that a particular word can have. I am German, and the German language has no synonymes at all, every word describes super small different things, something I really like, if I write in German language.

And considered, that the human species is the most aggressive ape species on this planet, and considered, that there are aspects of human societies, that culturalize extreme violence towards the own species, it is overly important to "neutralize" this in a way. Manga is a perfect example, and it´s born in a society, that suffered in really long term wars before it became the Japan, we all think to know (and usually don´t do).


And yeah, I also would greatly appreciate, to have sliders for a more "diverse" and unsymmetrical look of faces. If it comes to dolls, and I said, sims are dolls for me, we luckily are free to "build" whatever our fantasy can imagine, and realism is only one aspect, and not the most important, if I for example look into your last picture series. A demon... But some more sliders to play even more with the possibilities, this cartoonish look can provide, would be damn cool.

And then I think, that the best part of the whole Sims 4 game is this particular look. It gives us much more freedom, than we had in Sims 3, where faces tend to show this uncanny valley syndrome, and a lot of people don´t like the third part of the series, and say, the sims there were ugly. (And for me sims in the Sims 3 only could look good, after I  installed more than 150 sliders first)...

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Some sliders (includes an Asymmetrical Facial slider).



There are also others out there (I couldn't find ATM), including an asymmetrical breast height slider, and asymmetrical areola size slider. I don't use them, because I'm not trying to make perfectly realistic sims in my game. I used them in Sims 3, when I had 151 custom face sliders and made very real-looking sims. With Sims 4, the game has a different feel. Sometimes I use sims like erplederp's, with a more cutesy feel. Other times, I go for a more realistic (but not real-looking) game and use sims like mrrakkon's.


@R-Lo Missed you, but I didn't realize how much I missed your posts too. Great stuff! ?


EDIT: @keylee Forgot to mention. Love your pics. Great stuff as usual.

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2 hours ago, 2cool4u_1 said:

Some sliders (includes an Asymmetrical Facial slider).


Thank you for the link! I never really dived deely into luumia´s site. Seems to be the time to do so.... :classic_laugh:


And I am not interested in realistic looking sims but in more diverse, even more cartoonish ones. I love the ones NIXELS made for example (https://nixels.tumblr.com/), and I also adore Aden´s (DevonBumpkin on Twitch, YT and on the gallery) stuff, his builds and sims. And the most of them aren´t beautiful but have a very own look.

Sadly I am not really good in making sims, mostly cause it is so utterly time consuming, and the other half is my lack of talent. Likke I said, all my selfmade sims have one face, always the same... :classic_blink:

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5 hours ago, carlfatal said:

Sadly I am not really good in making sims, mostly cause it is so utterly time consuming, and the other half is my lack of talent. Likke I said, all my selfmade sims have one face, always the same... :classic_blink:


I can relate. I've created only two sims during my entire time playing. Every other sims is a product of genetics ?

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@carlfatal Heh, maybe it does end up looking like that ? Anyway, regarding time-consuming CAS, I duno, you seem like a builder, and that in my experience is waaaay more time consuming that making sims, if you want to do it well. 


On a different note, I was doing a bit of brush-up on one of my old sims, Jenny Kaplan (on the left), and decided to maybe generate some family members for her for possible future use and one of the first results I got for her brother kind of turned out (I have not touched any sliders  yet, only thing I did was choose the beard and a different hairstyle and color rather than blond) pretty well. Sort of looks like a weird mix between Keanu Reeves and Adrien Brody maybe?



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@2cool4u_1 Thank you for the slider links! I'll check them out.

@7cupsbobatae Gorgeous sims! Stay safe.


A new character re-creation I put together on a whim rather quickly. Some of you might recognize her. I based the sim on her in-game look and photos of Yvonne Strahovski who had both voice acted Miranda and was used as the basis for her appearance (I think Strahovski is prettier though).



So... Let me get this straight, Shepard...

Are you telling me that somehow you need to... be intimate with every single attractive member of your crew to complete the mission?



Is this some kind of dumb meta joke, commander?

>> PARAGON: Of course I am joking, Officer Lawson. We are all professionals here.... so I need to sleep only with you. Unless you would like the Asari to join us as well?

RENEGADE: I'm deadly serious, Miranda. Tell the others and remember that the fate of humanity is at stake here!



Uggh... ?


Some regular poses. Also shows her in an alternative black bodysuit.


  Hide contents



















Face closeups with some minor changes I made later including the clearer eyes.








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