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Nexus mods bitcoin mining?

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I was on Nexus the other day when I noticed my computer wasn't being responsive, I checked task manager and Chrome was using 83% CPU and over 3 gigs of memory (for reference it's using 2% CPU and 670 megs right now.). I tried a couple of bitcoin blocker extensions but they had no effect. 


This is a problem because after a few minutes or so Chrome becomes slow to respond, so I find myself downloading a mod closing the browser tab then going back again to get the next mod. Does anyone know an extension that will stop nexus from eating up all my CPU?

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The Nexus occasionally has problems with their ad providers. Video ads can use a lot of CPU and RAM, most of them autoplay, and the problem expands out of control if you open more than two or three tabs.


Nexus Premium isn't THAT expensive. If you download a lot of mods it's worthwhile supporting the site. And you get much faster downloads and no ads.


If you stick with free, then anytime you get an autoplay video ad, click the button to report it, so that Nexus stops showing those ads and goes with ad providers that have less obnoxious content.

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