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2 hours ago, MadMansGun said:

there is a mod conflict, USLEP added extra scripts to that quest but the fix does not have them:


Wait, so does that mod conflict with USLEEP? What I meant was, is that mod a possible fix that could be added to the USLEP Unpatcher, because I get an error in that quest shown in a Smash Patch, and USLEEP is shown in red. I have not used the mod "The Man Who Cried Wolf Bug Fix" yet.

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46 minutes ago, tazipamchik said:

Unfix this bug #22496 USLEP v3.0.11, please. Since, now all a conversation options with the bandits, ends in a fight…

i have no clue what could have changed to cause that.

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For me this was the problem so I removed it from the esp since it's already a part of USLEEP anyway and now the visual bug above is gone for me. If anyone else also runs into this problem just overwrite original esp with this one.


Riften jail visual bugfix by Zaflis https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8560




Update: USLEEP_UnPatch_V104_Fix2


Also had to remove this as it forces quest markers and NPC's through the Midden and I believe this has been fixed with USLEEP differently since I've never seen anyone go into the Archmage's Quarters. If that doesn't bother you continue to use the first fix.

Archmage Privacy fix by maximluppov https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57238?

USLEP unpatch_V104_Fix2.rar

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I've seen it mentioned in the Skyrim Wiki about being able to invest money at merchants in Orc Strongholds after you gain entry with "The Forgemaster's Fingers Quest" or friending and Orc in some way. I don't ever remember being able to invest at Orc Merchants. Was that also taken out by USLEEP or maybe a Skyrim Update? Maybe you could add it back in an update to this mod sometime because they barely have money either until late when you get the "Master Trader" perk and even then it's minimal?

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Late to the party but It would be great if the Giants Club exploit was un"fixed". It was the only Giant Club in the game that you could use and not only that, when you gave it to a follower they would automatically equip it because its a beast. Mjoll without a Giants Club is so wrong I have to find a mod and take up a spot in my load order just to give her one. Ya know, If someone had patched GTA3 to get rid of exploits, that game wouldve lost at least 50% of its fun.. no bulletproof helicopter, or Infernus... just sayin...


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