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[RogueLove] Adult Roguelike Action-RPG/Dungeon Crawler

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Welcome to the Dark Lord's Keep. 

RogueLove is a Lewd Action RPG based around Roguelike/lite elements. You play the daughter of a Sex Slave, on the night of your 18th birthday you decide to escape before you meet a similar fate. Escape the dungeon alive, find out who your father was, or even take on The Dark Lord Himself if you think you can. Your fate will be sealed if you are defeated in combat, or if you submit to your baser urges. Find gear and books along the way to power yourself up, gain the Favor or Ire of the Gods, will you become superhuman or sub-common chaff?

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This game is an alpha development early access title. The gameplay is functional, but it is lacking in content. This game will be expanded slowly over time. If you are going to purchase the game for $5, I HIGHLY recommend donating to my Patreon, since for that price not only will you get RogueLove, but you will also get access to Monster Girl Garden for no extra charge!!






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User Review:
(I purchased it)
Game (as of yet) has only one sound effect, the dice roll. Very early beta, apparently.

Enemies have no direct animation for molesting you. You kind of squirm next to them, no actual penetrative, squirty, fucky animations, etc. Just one anim of your character wiggling.


I only found one weapon so far, but the animation for attacking is just a 3-frame thing of the club moving in front of you.

Sexual interactions are entirely text-based as of yet, for the most part. There IS art in the upper left that gets more nude as your character's clothes degrade. They scroll pretty fast, too..

Game has potential, but needs polish and further development. Purchased with itch.io account, so hopefully I will receive said updates when they happen.

Not a ton going on in the game yet, but it was five bucks, so eh. I've had more expensive Warframe skins.

As an early access title, it functions. Games take a long time to develop, so keep an eye on it if you're interested.

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Thanks so much for the review, and the support!!

Yes the game is very bare bones at the moment, but hopefully the proof of concept is visible at this point. Thankfully most of the gameplay is complete and functional, so mostly it's about filling in the art assets at this point.

It's my understanding that if you spend money on a title, you get all future updates for that title as long as they are within the range that you paid. And since this will never be worth more than $5 you should receive all future updates.

I'm glad you were happy with the price, and thanks again for the review!

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I like the 2 games ideas but how and why are juggling 2 games as of now with monster girl garden and rouge love? I mean your just stacking more work wouldn't that slow production with one or the other? My bad if you already answered this in a patreon post or something i lurk on every game i follow every 3 months or so.

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That's okay, I have been asked this but I don't mind answering again.

RogueLove is on the far back-burner compared to Monster Girl Garden, basically I'm barely spending any time on it but it was a test that went a lot further than I ever expected, so I cleaned it up a bit and released it for my Patrons as a gift, and I'm adding to it from time to time, but not nearly as often as MGG.

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