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What are you doing right now in Skyrim (Screenshot required)

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All dolled up and ready to infiltrate the Thalmor Embassy.... but no matter how Dayana grovels and begs, Master refuses to remove the collar.




There was no chance the refined guests at the party would fail to recognize what it was. She might as well have 'SLUT' written in red on her face.


Dayana weighs the pros and cons. Saving the world from the World-Eater on one hand, her own dignity on the other. In the pit of her stomach she already knows the answer.

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I stopped procrastinating and finished my RS Children texture upgrade. I've also improved the facial animations. I copied over, renamed, and replaced 6 .tri files from Expressive Facial Animations to RS Children, and it works. Now all expressions look more natural.


Expressive Facial Animations with RS Children example:








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Did the Thief guild. Really wanted that bow.





Fun fact: None of my followers ever gets defeated by a Falmer. She managed to get it 3 times in 10 minutes.. Talk about Master Thief.


Thinking about the pros and cons for Werewolf or Vampire and which one would be a better choice for this character.. Well going to be a Wolf for a while at least and Dawnguard starts not until then.





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^This is what Skyrim looks like for me most of the time (95% of my play time)^


What Skyrim looks like returning the stupid golden claw for the 100th time (5% of my play time) 






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Testing the stop combat mod for SSE




It works, while Follower B gets screwd by me and Inigo, Follower A fights the Giant =D After that he ignored us.




And directly after that Sofia aggros and we have a normal fight with him.



After that my Pc had a little crisis tho.





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Working on new Mod "EroEyes" 

i might change name...


I just finished working on Normal Map




Yes i also edited Mesh and edited UV Map

Because on other eyes ( Skyrim, Aber, etc. eyes ) there was a lot of empty and unused space...


so i want to use that space for some textures

 now eyelashes and eye corner takes much more pixels from Texture


so it should look much better in Game


However its my first Eye Mod... so im not sure yet how it will look in Game...

now gonna work on Spec. map and sk / ev :o...



Btw. its all 4k

maybe if it will look good in game i will make 8k eyes... but im not sure ;x... 4k seems to be fine...



Finished version of Normal Map:




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Just taking a bath with my BroCat






For real now, i wish there where more Bromance Followers out there.. well maybe i try Mirai or Hoth next time..  *looks at Mirais possible Age*
Hoth, i will try Hoth next time >_>

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Shit got real after Hemming Black-Briar said

Fancy yourself the adventuring type, eh? It's just as well, I doubt your combat prowess would prove valuable in a real battle anyway."
"I was trained by some of the finest warriors in all Skyrim to wield a blade as if it was an extension of my own arm

I guess my prowess was more than his... check-mate fucktard 20210207150614_1.jpg.ca6acc0b02947483ebacc87607fde260.jpg


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Right after Sugar Claw convinced Vilja to get in touch with her furry side, the people of Riften get in touch with her furrier side. How did a chore from Mara turn into a Mara-thon of demonstrating her love and mercy? Is this due to Dibella's influence on Mara?







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19 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

First it was Tupperware, now it's cat puns. This thread is going to the dogs.


We're dealing with khajiit werewolves now? Well as long as that's [banned emoji of a cannon].

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49 minutes ago, karlpaws said:


We're dealing with khajiit werewolves now? Well as long as that's [banned emoji of a cannon].

That reminds me of what I was going to post about, that being a Khajiit growing accustomed to staying in Cidna Mine, the hardest part being getting used to the prison food. 


Pork sausage, eye candy and beef.




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