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[mod] {CK2} Ala's Cheat Menu for Luxuria Fantasia

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9 hours ago, ChaosRegion said:

Ala, are you planning to make the cheat so we can instant build or at least auto build? Construct a building and upgrade it manually are quiet tedious if you have a lot of demesne using cheats. Sorry if it's sounds rude, just asking

Auto build was attempted by another mod, just kept confusing people, since their money/prestige seemed to 'disappear' without warning. I did put in instant build for wonders, but regular buildings don't (I think) have command that finishes them instantly. I could set up scripting that does this, but it would not work for modded buildings, and would be a lot of writing. That is why I added the commands that do exist into a cheat trait that builds them in 1 day, at the minimum cost the game would let me. The trait that does this is the Royalty trait. If not using the add-on for cheat traits then you can try the Royalty modifier, It should be able to do the same thing.

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