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Editing Existing Mod in Creating Kit

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So I found I mod that adds tons of clothes, armor, weapons, etcetera. I'm not a fan of some of the robes put on various members of the mages guild, most specifically the Archmage. So in the creation kit how would I go about keeping him from wearing that robe. Would I just delete it from his inventory? I assume there's much more to it than that. Especially since I just tried that and instead of the ugly robes he was wearing some crazy cool armor. So, um, yeah what would be involved in doing that?

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If you want to use vanilla clothes and armors:

You remove the robes form inventory of the mages guild NPCs.

Add the clothes armors you want in the invertory.

Save it in a new esp.


Problem: If you don't start a new game the NPCs still have the old robes and mybe use it. If you have add armor they should use the armor.

But if you start a new game everything is OK.



You want to use  Mod clothes armors:

Best is you first create a esp with all armors you want to use ( And folders with meshes and textures) 

In this way you only have one esp with Oblivion.esm masterfile.
If you want clothes from different Mods you must load all in CS , add the clothes in the inventories....
And when you save it in a new esp the new esp will have many masterfiles.  ! You must always use all the Mods and in the right Load order.
Example: You use 4 clothes Mods, the masterfiles in your new esp
If you delete one of the Mods or change the load order it can crash your game.
That's why I said create a esp with all armors and clothes you want to use.
You can merge the armor-clothes Mods you want in one new esp ( Use TES4Edit or Gecko)  and change the ID names ( use Tes4Edit). Delete what you don't need (If the Mods have clothes shops or add chests you don't need it, you only want the clothes for the NPCs.
Then you load your new esp in CS and remove the robes form inventory of the mages guild NPCs.

Add the clothes armors you want in the invertory.

And save your esp.


Same problem as above, without starting a new game the NPCs still have the old ropes .



And if you don't like ropes at all you can make meshes replacer.  Like armor-clothes replacer for your body.



The achmage robe

Is in folder

meshes\clothes\robemagearch         The hood mesh

meshes\clothes\robemagearch\f        the female robe

meshes\clothes\robemagearch\m       the male robe


The robe mesh is upper and lowerbody in one .

You need a armor and clothes mesh with also upper and lower body in one.  ( You can combine a two parts armor/clothes with NifSkope: A Cuirass and Greaves or a Shirt and skirt )

The female mesh you name: robemagearchf.nif

The male mesh name: robemagearch.nif

Put them in the right folders. ( create the folders if you don't have them)

Now in game all NPCs that use the achmage robe nif will have your new nif.


If you have a armor-clothes replacer ( HGEC female and Roberts male ) you have all folders you need.


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