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Slutty/Sexy clothes

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Fantastic work, there really isn't enough slutty clothes for 4. Regarding your question on the file page (you also might want to edit it into your main post here, just so it gets more exposure) I'd have to vote for BDSM. I'm not really into bdsm but some of the clothes can be sexy. Definitely not into futa but I'm curious as to what futa "themed" clothes would look like. Whatever you make I'll probably end up getting it anyway, keep it up.

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I would suggest:

-Clothes with some hardcore hentai pics on t-shirts etc

-More slutty/sexy clothes for pornstars and prostitutes showing nipples/ass/vaginas

-Pics on clothes for porn actress, tattoos

-And ofc, famous pornstar female sims <3


You can add some words like slut, cum lover etc etc on the clothes x3

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Thanks buddy BUT...... Are you out of your mind? You never hear about 7z or rar or even zip files !!!! What's yours freaking problem in the TS4 modding world ??!!!! It's the only games where we have to do SO MUCH freaking click to get some CC !!! It's really annoying even more on that kind of website with like 10 fucking second to wait everytime !!!

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1 hour ago, snarfies said:

For some reason the money bikini isn't working on my end.  If I equip it in CAS, the outfit shows up, but my sim's body vanishes and I'm left with a floating outfit.

Try downloading this file, in theory it should fix the problem, if it still not showing correctly, then i am sorry but i won't be able to help you....hope this works :smile:

S money bikini V2.package

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20 hours ago, sstormyy said:

So guys any suggestions what should i do next ? :smile:


Honestly, and don't know if you'd be interested, but I would love to see a sexy French Maid style outfit. Something along these lines:




I have been searching for a long time for a sexy version of the French Maid outfit for Sims 4, and haven't found anything like this. And it's kind of a shame, as I'd love to use it on my Butler to replace their career outfit lol.


But otherwise, love your clothes. Awesome job. ;)

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