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Is there a slaver centric mod for New Vegas?

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Hey everybody, Is there an adult slaver mod like bravilunderground for fallout newvegas? 
The closest thing I got is a primitive conversion of FNNCQ for TTW (Its quite buggy as hell).
Ive checked out slavery simple on the nexus but i found it VERY buggy as well. 
suggestions are greatly appreciated, and thanks for any heads up. 

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The closest I could find are the It's a Slave's Life and NCR CF mods.
The latter sees a female Courier bargain their way into the Powder Gangers' base to become the prison's bitch and introduces a line of quests for her to perform, while the former is an all-around "you are a slave, prepare to suffer" simulator that seems to imply a few times that sexual content could happen to the enslaved player, but it never does.

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