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firstly ... fantastic work but would it be at all possible for the esp name to be changed as lazman on nexus has the old style outfit and i am currently doing a playthrough with as many comicbook heroine outfits as i can find in it ... and unfortunately i cant have both yours and the older style together as the esp on both are the same name and it wants to over ride both the esp and a couple of other files as well :(

will keep my fingers crossed but if not possible ... so be it ... will just have to go without one or the other ... sigh


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On 11/22/2020 at 1:29 PM, Humane said:

Too bad the writing is gibberish. And there is no F in Greek, it's Φ.

Good thing they come from Themyscira then and not Greece, they had a few centuries for their alphabet to diverge. Anyway just came to see if there was any posts with the outfit parted out, still love it =.

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