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Switched over to MO2 and having issues with the CBBE patches

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Hi all,


I recently switched from NMM to MO2 and it's amazing! Don't think I'll ever go back to NMM. Anyways, when I install mods like Immersive Armors, and Book of UUNP it's fine. But when I install their respective CBBE conversion mods, MO2 is not able to find directories for them and so I can't install the CBBE patches. I read a solution about how I should make a meshes/armor folder and put it inside the sse/data folder, but that didn't do anything for me. Can anyone please help?

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Ok what do you mean by patches. If you install your armor and then install the conversions just highlight the original mod on the left panel and copy the name of the installed version. Then double click on the right and do the install. When it asks to overwrite choose "merge" That way the conversion files will go to the same directory as the installed mod. Now you have to build them in bodyslide like usual. Remember to hold the ctrl key and then click batch build so you can choose where the files go. Choose wherever you installed MO2 and under that you will find a overwrite folder the files must go in there. Then all you do is when its done is quit bodyslide and look at the bottom of the left pane you will see the word overwrite. Right click on that and choose create mod. It will now make a mod for you with the bodyslide version. Just activate it and put it under the original armor mod. And then things will work fine. I think you might not have clicked ctrl when you build the bodyslide files so the conversions is probably somewhere under mo2/mods/bodyslide and outfit studio/. Remember conversions are usually just slider files for bodyslide so you will have to build them like i explained. Hope it helps. Im terrible at explaining things :smile:

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I mean conversions. And I know how to use bodyslide. The problem is with installing the conversion file. 

It doesn't give me the option to change the conversions name. It goes straight to trying to find the directory manually. I tried renaming, pressing on ignore, then merging, but it doesn't show up on Bodyslide. If you try it yourself you'll see what I'm talking about. 

Try to install this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3479

Then this: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/13836/

On MO2. See what happens. 

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Ok installed it works perfectly fine. You need to merge it. Ill explain again. Install immersive armors. You will then see it on the left pane of MO2. Click on that so you can copy the name. Now run the installer for the CBBE bodyslide conversion. First paste the name you copied in and replace the old name. Now since its just bodyslide files its gonna tell you there is no data at top level since there is no esp or meshes. as long as you see "calientetools" folder you will be fine. now click ok it will give you options to overwrite, merge or replace. Choose merge. Merge will just add the missing files and replace files with newer versions. Now the files will always be found in the same folder as the immersive armor mod. If that doesn't work then something else is wrong and you have files where they should not be overwriting things. 

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The problem is that Bodyslide files are in a folder that MO doesn't recognise as a valid game folder, (meshes, textures, ...)

and it can't select the DATA folder.


When you are on the Folder Select Dialog, do this:

Ignore the red warning at the bottom, as said it doesn't know.

But we know it is correct so just click ok and activate the mod and start BodySlide.

Right click and "Ignore Missing data" makes it displayed like any other mod.



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Sorry for the late reply and thank you for replying. Just a few follow up questions. Although I know I should bodyslide in the overwrite folder, I prefer to do it straight in the Data folder because I find it easier to manage instead of having to create an overwrite mod for ever single change I make. 

I am able to do it with some outfit mods, but other closing mods trigger an overwrite mod although I save it straight into the Data folder. And some of the IA armors for example make their own folders, but not all. What am I doing wrong? 

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