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One or more of my recently installed mods causes a menu crash after a while of playtime.

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My Skyrim install was fine, until today I noticed it crashed after installing 4 or 5 mods.


SexLab Solutions

Creature Framework

Sexlab Aroused

Sexlab Aroused Creatures


One of these (or all of them) causes opening a menu to crash the game. All of them have an MCM menu so it's hard to rule out one.


Most of my NSFW mods require SLA/SLAR, and I use SLAC for seducing my own flame atronachs.


I can live without these mods but I'd like to find the culprit. Any insight?

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3 hours ago, Seijin8 said:

Well, go back to a save before installing them and install one at a time to see which it is?  Need to find the issue.

Doing so now. It's not Solutions or Aroused.


It's seeming more like a load order issue, LOOT is putting things in the most random spots and I spend a few minutes correcting things.

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