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[Delphin Outfits] DOA LeiFang58 Costume Animated with PE-SMP

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Hi there. This is Delphin. And merry christmas!


This is my first post. Excited to see so many genius modders here.

This costume was imported from DOA which you guys should be familiar with. It's animated with HDT-SMP which you will realize the skirt is no longer static.

I usually use UNPB body for my armor/cloth mods just because it's little bits more populated.

And tecture is rerenderd with more leather\fabric details.


Before downloading, please note:

1. This mods is for old skyrim, not skyrim sse.

2. you will need XPMSE and hdtSkyrimMemPatch short for SMP  as pre-requirements.

3. you can't forge this costume. you can use "AddItemMenu" to get it, the link is https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64905


Finally ,just hit Download.


enb 2017_12_21 16_46_24_02.jpg

enb 2017_12_21 16_48_05_83.jpg

enb 2017_12_23 20_09_44_73.jpg

enb 2017_12_23 20_10_17_71.jpg

enb 2017_12_23 20_11_50_50.jpg

enb 2017_12_23 20_12_22_41.jpg

enb 2017_12_23 20_19_22_51.jpg

enb 2017_12_23 20_20_19_83.jpg

enb 2017_12_23 20_20_33_09.jpg

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