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Merry Christmas to Lover's Lab!

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing people who both run and frequent this place, and those who provide the works of art to fill it up.


May the coming years bring incredible creations and peace to this world for all religions, gays and straights, political outlooks, colours, and cultures.


If you like my work, please subscribe and pass it along.


Stay tuned!  ;-)





Chief Videographer


Beneath the Basement Studios


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In the silence of the night

When the snow lies soft and still

You can see a magic light

And hear the ring of Christmas bells


Though the night seems long and dark

It is the earth has gone to sleep

The stars that dot the sky above

Hold you in their precious keep

So close your eyes and come with me

The Christmas bells will bring you home.


Now with song we fill the night

While magic dances in the light

To wish you now and all the year

The joy that comes with Christmas cheer

Hear our voices fill the air

To drive the winter's cold away

And so our hearts with all will share

The love that comes with Christmas Day

The love that comes with Christmas Day

The Christmas bells will bring you home!

                                 Loreena McKennit



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