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Weird visual/shadow glitch on female bodies


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I've recently got back at Skyrim after a long break, and discovered all the new things that were created since then. (Lots of updates to SLF, bodyslide now exists for unp (well, uunp now) , HDT for vaginas and schlongs...)

I'm having some really weird shadow/visual bugs when I'm playing : Everything is working just fine for a couple of hours, then suddenly the female bodies start glitching and displaying weird shadows, reacting weirdly with the distance between the player and the actor, reacting to lights, anyway, an unusual behavior. When those glitch happens, no lag, CTD or whatever, simply some weird shadows. Saving then restarting the game is enough to fix it, but then again, a couple of hours later it'll happen again.

Here's some screenshots I took when the glitch happened. As you can see, it can happen with custom armors(one from immersive armors, one from Book of UUNP), vanilla armors (forsworn). It reacts weirdly to light, distance, and also glitches if the actor isn't wearing any armor. (Have no screen/clips to provide though, I'd have to play for 3 hours straight to have it happen again).

Forsworn - Lights on

Forsworn - Lights off


Barbarian - Lights off

Barbarian - Lights on


Aranea - Lights on

Aranea - Lights off


Mods used :

I wanted to have a "Realistic/GoT-Like modpack", with fighting, blood and sex, but not having every single character appearing naked when looting the body armor or whatnot, so I'm using the nudesuit option from SLF.


The female body used by actors by default was generated using the UUNP Nevernude (non HDT) option of the bodyslide, with MRB as the preset for the sliders.
As for the nudesuit meshes, it was also generated via bodyslide, but this time with the UUNP Special option (To allow the use of HDT vagina) , also using MRB preset for the sliders.

(MRB - MJ's Realistic Body (UUNP Bodyslide Preset)

However, I'm using the HDT female body physics .xmls from another mod (not the default one, which I'm not a big fan of) , one from the "All-in-one HDT Animated Pussy 3.3" made by HeroedeLeyenda, as it has more "realistic" options for the whole thing and is compatible with the body used for the nudesuit.

The textures are also from the "All-in-one HDT Animated Pussy 3.3" installer, and are compatible with the body generated.

I set up the mods/bodies in a specific order :
(the mods installed in between doesn't really matter as they have no connection to the glitch on female bodies, for example Schlongs of Skyrim, so I didn't include them in it)

  1. First installed bodyslide, which comes with a prebuild female body and everything needed for uunp.
  2. I installed "All-in-one HDT Animated Pussy 3.3", choosing a .xml for the HDT physics and choosing SG Female textures compatible with the HDT vagina, and replacers for Bijin NPC's etc.
  3. I generated a nudesuit with bodyslide.
  4. I generated a default female body (nevernude) with bodyslide.


I am using the default ENB settings (My computer isn't beefy enough for those badass presets) and Enhanced Lights and FX but the glitch already happened a couple of times before I installed the second mod.

Any ideas as to what is happening/why it is happening, and how to fix it ?

I first thought I had some problems with the body textures, but if that was the case, why would everything be working perfectly when the game starts , and only start glitching after a couple of hours ? I also thought it was because of some messed up settings with my ENB, but it is literally the default settings when you download the wrapper version, and I made sure I changed the required settings in the .ini etc to have no problems with the aliasing etc. Last, I searched for similar problems on the internet, and while I was far from the only one having shadow problems, no one actually had this problem and theirs was usually because of some wrong installation, lack of enb or whatnot.

Thanks in advance for your help, apologies for the long thread, but I wanted to make sure I wasn't missing any crucial information.

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3 minutes ago, myuhinny said:

Looks like a memory issue. When you get farther away from does the body get darker and less dark when you get closer to the body? If the answer is yes then it's probably a memory issue.

That's exactly how it looks like indeed. When I get closer, the body is almost "normal", aside from the sort of pixelated shadows, and when I'm away, it's darker. If it is indeed a memory issue then, I guess there isn't a "one click solution". I stumbled on this nexus page, I'll see if I find anything useful.

Thanks for the fast answer

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i don't really know a true fix but when this happens with me i press the shortcut to free vram in my enb a few times and everything goes back to normal


you probably will need to choose a hotkey first tho



but yeah its probably a memory issue, changing your enb settings might help... if not you can use the freevram thing anyway!

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