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Quirks n Screenies

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Hey, anyone come across some weird and wonderful stuff - post a screenie - here's a couple to start.


Not sure if that was George Michael in the washroom.....

And the cat... mmm.... that is dog meat at the foot of the painting.



Cat shrine.jpg

Toilet humour.jpg

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I wonder if anyone else has seen this quirk.


Starting a new game, when I switch from male to female I am left with the female protagonist not wanting to step forward to the centre of the screen, as seen in the image below...


As well, for some reason, in vault 111, before exiting I notice that the elevator is invisible, as is the elevator gate.


Does anyone know why this might be?  Is there a mod that anyone knows of that causes this?


Thank you for your time.



Character Creation Bug.png

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20 hours ago, XCuteV111 said:

Sooo got carried away in the creation kit just to load in and die in an instant lol...20200412135442_1.jpg.e2881e3f72b26e99db92d979ba4db928.jpg20200412135434_1.jpg.c1359c0a373113cbe0552e82ee301afb.jpg20200412135015_1.jpg.8f4e048f4a481efb9bc707e4dc8e72e0.jpg20200412102706_1.jpg.5579bed2d323088994a1eab6c0559e19.jpg

Would love the bodyslide from that 1st pic, if you had a mind to share it?!

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