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Introduce yourself!

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This is a forum where you can tell people a bit about yourself and some of your interests in Fallout

I'll start: Hi, I'm Bailey :). One of my new found hobbies is to create unique places and houses for my settlers in FO4. For example, I set up a factory that houses my power, all the workbenches (bar an oven) and three junk recycling factories along with two scavenger workbenches. I named the place "Sturges' Factory" and had him and another settler working the scav stations. Another example I did was "The Long Family Chemist". I had Marcy working there along with a barber and plastic surgeon. I decorated the building using the "Do It Yourself" mod.

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Hey, despite owning and playing every Fallout game (some of them more than once lol), I have to say I love FO4 even with all it's faults!  Every FO game had good and bad - for the most part good!  FO4 has a lot of detail and immersion to be had. 

Haven't modded FO4 yet, as I'm waiting for Vortex - I HATE NMM and have no wish to use it with a new manager on the horizon.  Looking forward to some fun with a modded game early next year (fingers x ).

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Greetings fellow inhabitants of the wasteland.


Thank you for providing this club.  I have recently become re-acquainted with Fallout 4 video production and hope to share some stunning work with my peers here.  Capturing moments in time in FO4 has become somewhat of a labour of love to me.


Stay tuned, and for God's sake - stay safe out there.


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 I'm fascinated by such people because they do not have the fear to show in front of people and I respect the LGBT community and I love skyrim, Fallout 4 and Sims a strong lover of video games or I work in the kitchen this is my profession, I have 28 years from Croatia
If you look at my profile you will be clearer

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