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Dead Or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation - Modding Thread and Discussion -

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Hello, I am looking to commission a modder to make the default Studio Room into something like a GREENSCREEN room. Kindly just send me a message if you are interested. Thanks!

P.S. If this mod already exists, please point me to the right direction. I have looked everywhere and found none. Thank you

Chromakey: How To Use a Green Screen - Videomaker

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14 hours ago, HattoWW said:


I'm still working on it, its not finished. But i think foot textures are not important for forum members, it doesn't take attention as i guess. So maybe i will not relase it.

but i need it when you make it finish Can you offer to me

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help me

I introduced MOD for the first time in a long time, Overall the MOD doesn't work.

I used HI-METAL skin, but other swimsuit mods doesn't work.

It will be in this status display.

3Dfix-DOAX-VenusVacation-2.3.7z、DOAXVV Modpack v10 was reinserted.

I used the mods folder in the past.

Do I have to update anything?



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I edited d3dx.ini by referring to the same bug report artticle in the past.

Basic skin is displayed.

But the pubic hair that was previously drawn is not displayed.

Please tell me the solution...



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can anyone tell me how to dump hair meshes since the last hash change? I'm trying to fix my old kanna hair mod . the option to dump hair is set in the user and main ini, but f8 just drops a regular skin+clothes dump


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A question for more experienced modders.
In my lingerie mod where I switched underwear from 1 year suit, some had transparent elements in their original outfit but lost it after the move


What to do to keep this transparency? 

and what to do to make it partially transparent, only in selected places.


and, for example, is it possible to make this transparency fade away?

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59 minutes ago, tyaonyann said:
  Reveal hidden contents


The "mesh" of the hair can be output.

I am aware of this, I Have made several hair mods in the past.
My problem is that the hair meshes are not dumping even when the option is enabled
1451903032_DOAX_VV2021-01-1218-09-13.jpg.f16fd4674d79d8c407beb87a89f338a2.jpg  Capture.thumb.JPG.6110e25e595b8726394db2f92e4217a9.JPG

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Is there a high quality face of tsukushi? I tried to recolor Eromaro's honokas skin but not i think its not fit well with the default game's face textures..







BTW if anyone needs no glasses (without glass shine effect) and no hair clip mod for tsukushi, I wrote this little mod.


Tsukushi Goggles.ini




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