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Darkest Dungeon Erotic Mods

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1 hour ago, Taikouchi said:


I have 17 mods along with dozens of custom classes and backgrounds and videos.  No conflicts detected so far.  I had to place it at the top of my load order however for it to work correctly (Some images werent showing up correctly.) As stated above, I was able to activate the mod on an exsisting save with no issues.


Load order:


Lustiest Lair

Level 2 and 4 Quests

Darkest Dungeon Inventory Lite

Video Hentai

Trinket Overhaul Project

CoM Trinkets Mod

Marvin Seo's Color of Madness Trinkets

Clair's Collection of Curiosities

More Collector Trinkets


Major Arcana Trinkets


Trinkets Dungeon

Divine Elixir


Stack It Or Go Home

Stacking Gem Icons

What is that mod "video hentai?"

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11 hours ago, IRrebel said:

What is that mod "video hentai?"


One of the many mods included in the Darkest Sex Dungeon.  The movies included in my opinion suck and are very large.  Whose going to watch a 90 minute Russian rubbed hentai after defeating a boss?  I use the original mod but I deleted all of the movies and added short 10-15 second Darkest Dugeon oriented clips that I've edited myself to better fit my game.

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Thank you so much for these, Kenosopp!
Would you guys like to see my colour and undressing edits of the characters?
Here's a few pics to try and show you what I've made so far:
1. Made The Offering topless (only while idle, walking or in battle).

2. Reworked Anaertailin's Shieldbreaker so that there's no futa (edited her dick out).

cont. under the spoiler:
3-4. Recoloured Jefuty's The Hood skin to resemble Pinkie Pie.

5. Recoloured Jefuty's Vestal skin to resemble Fluttershy.

6. Recoloured Jefuty's Plague Doctor skin to resemble Minuette (see my avatar).

topless offering.png




the hood pinkie pie recolor.png






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