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Darkest Dungeon Erotic Mods

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darkest desires is SEVERELY outdated

it would break your game without even trying


also the nexus has a naked leper skin and a few skimpy skins

same with the workshop

all of these mods have been there for awhile so i doubt they'll get taken down

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darkest desires is SEVERELY outdated it would break your game without even trying


also the nexus has a naked leper skin and a few skimpy skins

same with the workshop

all of these mods have been there for awhile so i doubt they'll get taken down



I believe there was an update posted over here:


Not sure if this works flawlessly, however. Anyone tried this? Or is this still being worked on.


Anyways, thanks for your work, Obdulio.  :)

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Okay, I can confirm that the updated Darkest Desires mod works like a charm on the newest version of the game. All you need to do is remove the Female.camping_skills.json and the Male.camping_skills.json from the Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\raid\camping folder, or else you have all skills twice.

And, of course, run the localization.bat inside the localization folder, or else it's CTD.

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Since I love the hollow class (see Obdulio's awesome post), I decided to make it compatible with Darkest Desires and found out that it's actually pretty simple. Take this file here




and unzip it into your respective folder. As all of you have a legal copy, that folder would be Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\XXXXXX\1115865609\raid\camping. Overwrite the file inside (or better, save that one first), and you're good to go. The original camping files of the class are not replaced, of course.

I can modify the other classes, too, if you guys are interested.

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original post updated with Daedal Doplhin's findings and Elsman's Hollow patch for Darkest Desire. 


Thanks to all !


Eismann, I think the classes created by Muscarine would fit well with Darkest Desires. If you want to make patches for the rest of them, all of them are on the naughty side being half-dressed.





For anyone who doesn't own Darkest Dungeon it's on sale on Steam atm.


Darkest Dungeon - $ 9.99  Game+DLCs -  $ 21.97  [ During Halloween Sale, Ends Nov 1,2017]



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LexRage: Yes, basically. Just keep the folder structure. Once you copied everything, delete the Female.camping_skills.json and the Male.camping_skills.json from the Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\raid\camping folder to prevent double skills. Afterwards, run the localization.bat inside the localization folder, or your game will crash on startup.


Obdulio: Alright, then I'm gonna add the other custom classes as well. Might take a few days, however. Got a few other things to do. Also thanks again for updating the list. Could you add my files to it once I'm done?

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So I've restructured darkest desires so it works using the "mods" folder system

Darkest Desires Mod folder edition.zip


extract "999999_darkestdesire" folder into your dd base game's "mods" folder, and activate it in game, load order is personal preference, but it should only overwrite quirks (oh and I guess localization, only english btw)


Now note:

I've merged the original 1.5 files, not the lite version, so the buffs and quirks have been added back in, I have no idea how that messes with balance, but not too sure we're here for that


I've removed the removal of camping skills from the mod, this causes graphical issues with the survivalist menu and the character page, if this really annoys you, rename the 999999_darkestdesire/raid/camping/default.camping_skills.json2 to default.camping_skills.json, or 999999_darkestdesire/dlc/702540_shieldbreaker/raid/camping/default.camping_skills.json2 to default.camping_skills.json if you have shieldbreaker. This will turn it back to how corta's original version is set up, removeing some base camping skills (shieldbreaker, the unit, will still have graphical issues, haven't used character enough to see what to replace)


If you do rename these files, updating's on you, I've tried to set it up so updates shouldn't crash the game, but those are replacement files, they overwrite base game stuff.


Overlapping camping skills in the survivalist menu, no idea how that's set up, but you should still be able to access them all, might just need to move your mouse around a bit.


There is no "new" content, every addition uses pre-existing mod camping skills, which I want to change, but currently attempting to make a different mod which would be an add-on to this one (alternate genders for classes), and it'd be nice if I could figure out where the crash logs are........


I've merged the antiquarian changed added by MrMoosh



Base mod updated for build 21071+
Overhauled how the mod is set up so no overwriting is required
Merged MrMoosh's edits (the Antiquarian changes)
Added Musketeer (copy of Arbalest), Flagellant and Shieldbreaker
Merged Assassin patch
p.s. I don't use Assassin, no idea how this mod affects that mod.
p.p.s I haven't done the most extensive, or in fact, much QA on this thing.
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Okay, people. Here are the updated Camping skills for the custom heroes. Thanks to moomany's work, you can just unzip them into the mod's camping folder, e.g. Steam\steamapps\common\DarkestDungeon\mods\999999_darkestdesire\raid\camping.


Here are the files





















Also, if the amount of camping skills in moomany's mod bothers you, just replace the .json file in the camping folder with this one:


and you're good to go.


Oh, and don't forget to put the mod at the very top of the load order!


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I thought about expanding the dialogue during camping, adding comments from the custom classes as well more comments in general, maybe spicing things up a bit. It would be nice if you guys gave me a hand and sent a few lines my way via private message. The more the better.

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First of all thanks for putting this together.


Leper is my favour hero and i am very pleased to see Leper getting a feminized version. But i'm somewhat bothered with her smooth skins, its lore defiling.

I briefly went through some of the guides for modding skins and i think i can manage. But currently i do not have much time to spare and Im not very skilled at adding layers to skins.

So in the meanwhile, i wonder if anyone is up for the task, or help me look for or create the texture for the damaged skins?


Something like: [warning, not for the faint-hearted]









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Yea i know it defeats the purpose of a leper, that's why i didn't post it up in the first place.


However it is still a skimpy mod so once and Dolphin went through the trouble of gathering up the nexus ones i decided to put them up to the main post with thumbnails.

More options is good for everyone.

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I love this thread! I've had DD since early access but really haven't explored it till recently. I was delighted to see some adult mods for it. So to those involved with getting Darkest Desires working, thank you. I haven't been able to get the game yet to actually camp, but I was experiencing the CTDs and was disappointed that I couldn't get the mod to work. I look forward to more adult based classes though and hopefully this thread continues to grow.



PS: Does anyone have the alternate Skin for The Hood?

Its up on Nexus but the file available for download seems to be a broken archive when I DL it.  The skin doesn't seem to change the original besides improving the color palette and contrast. May need to be logged into see it.





I have the archive if someone wants to look at it but WinRAR failed to repair it. Don't want to upload a broken file. No point having it pass around.

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