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SexoutNG - Beta (2.10.93b10) release thread

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Seems to be fixed, my saves are staying consistent at 76KB now.

Thanks. I'll wait for another response or two, then push beta5 with your fix as well since this one won't catch (un)intentional duplicate adds to the registry.

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Cool cool.



Have any of you that have tried the last 2-3 releases (the 7z with the new meshes) had any male mesh issues vs. the release version? Alignment issues, penis pointing in wierd directions / not resetting, anything like that?

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With the first of the new betas I seemed to have trouble when entering buildings (loooong loading), but I am not sure if this was caused by the Beta. It seems to have resolved itself now.

Other than that, I have seen/ experienced nothing weird. For me it works flawlessly.

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Also the time needed for a save (I use Odessa CleanSave mod) is shortened.


Well, that right there explains why I had long loading times. It (of course) wasn't the Sexout Beta, but the overwritten and rehashed autosaves from CASM. it just happened to start when I had the previous Beta installed... Thanks Nicole for direction me to Odessa's mod!


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I'm not sure if it's the beta or not but most of the time, if not all of the time - haven't kept track - my PC just stands naked as the animation gets initialized whilst the other actor does their thing. I'd say it was due to a conflicting or missing mesh or skeleton issues except animations work fine for followers most of time - there has been one or two cases where it started a spooning animation but my follower seemed to think it was time for missionary.


On a similar note, whenever there's a BJ animation happening, the actors are pretty badly misaligned and the cock ends up poking the other actors throat or thereabouts.


Using T6M for females and Breeze for men so it can't be an issue with that. Using Amra's replacers for some of the stuff - whatever it overwrites. Read it's not yet compatible with the betas? Not sure. Anyway, some visuals for reference:






First image showing my PC in the foreground, other actor doing some kind of doggystyle animation. In the background, Sunny or Cass doing missionary as the other actor thinks it's spooning time. Second image showing Jason Bright supposedly secondary in cowgirl but cowgirl isn't doing that shit. Also speaking of Jason, his cock seemed a little strange - floppy, though that's expected with some new feature but it was eh, oddly elongated.


Also here's another picture showing a strangely distorted vagina, looks like bad weighing in the animation but I wouldn't know.






Yes, scene worked for the PC there, was probably using beta 2 or 3.

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Is this version safe to use, or I should stay with v2.9.92, or it also have save bloat problem?


E: I see that you said that it is more stable now but without Odessa's fix, so I will just use stable v2.9.92 for now..

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Ok I get it, but last beta broke my game and I've lost all my 9 hours progress and stupid me I had all my saves with only beta versions of Sexout which all has been corrupted/bloated.


P.S. I have question about upperbody.nif file which is included in your latest beta version, it is compatible with Breeze's male bodies (and what about BodyMorph)? If yes, it is erected version? Also I see that meshes\characters\_male\Armor\SexoutBodysuits\qutfitmerect.nif is also included, in older Sexout versions the folders structure was different, I will test it if it will affect other Sexout mods.

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I'm also in the 95KB average as far as my NVSE file sizes.

Not sure how I got it around that. Minutes before that I was averaging 150KB and before that about 250KB.


Though without Sexout my files it goes about 67KB

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Will the huge list of animation descriptions being displayed in the console be a permanent feature? It mostly consists of ZAZ animation descriptions (a mod which I do not have). Apart from the minor annoyance of having the console fill up with descriptions which are of no interest to me, I can see no problems with the beta in my game. Animations 201 and 202 (Amra animations in my game) are fubar. Both the male and female do female oral animations on "invisible partners". The female is giving head to an "invisible male" who, if visible, would be lying on his back. The male is on his knees giving head to an "invisible male" who, if visible, would be standing. I mention this even though it is an Amra animation because it goes beyond the issue of mis-alignment. My NVSE file size is 95-100KB.

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