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What's Your Dream Mod? (Free for all)

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I would love to see a mod that combines the SSG, AP, and Pregnancy. Perhaps to have the option to put some of the slaves out as prostitutes and make mad bank that way. And to sell the children conceived that way into slavery to the nobles and have them working there.


Also being able to have lots of Dovahkiin offspring running around would be fun especially for the male players.

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One Heavenly Tool:

"Outfit Converter"


A Simple Program that allows to convert armors from one body to other.

For example, Converting a CBBE Armor to UNP or UNPB-BBP.


Or converting from CHSBHC to CBBEv3M


That would be wonderful! Just 1 click and :D

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Dream mod?


A Cult of Dibella faction with MQ and a wide variety of sidequests.


The cult would be secretive' date=' shunned by their mainstream brothers and sisters due to the sheer variety of sexual acts the cult sect participates in. They do not discriminate against anyone of any proclivity, though the cult itself forbids pedophilia and anything involving extensive physical harm and/or death/the dead, feeling that these are so extreme as to violate what the cult stands for.


The cult's upper echelons are made up exclusively of women, some of them cast out of the temples of Dibella from various places due to their own perversions becoming known. However, men are quite welcome; the lower ranks are quite evenly distributed in gender.


One thing they will make quite clear to the player early on is, they are not simple prostitutes. Taking jobs off the street for monetary gain is strictly prohibited. A more accurate description would be... high-class, highly adaptable escorts of certain and unique talent for the discerning patron. They take jobs, usually of high coin, to entertain those so inclined as to purchase their services. They make no distinction between count or pauper, however, and will slum it just as easily, if the coin is there.


The MQ would only be available to female players. Male players would have a shorter series of quests that would tie in to the main. The MQ would kick off with a "divine visitation" to the player during their very first job. Dibella speaks to the player, telling her of an ancient text of erotic knowledge, written by the greatest student of the art to ever walk Tamriel. Now that a sect of Dibellan worship had finally risen capable of grasping its words, the goddess herself has deemed it time to bring the book's knowledge back into the world.


The MQ would be rather short, however, dealing with mostly vanilla sex. The lion's share would be divided amongst various fetishes in the form of side quests, dealing with things like bestiality, bondage, slavery, Daedric/demonic stuff of the humanoid and bestial varieties, large gangbangs, even incest and dickgirls. Each would unlock freely repeatable content relating to that fetish and nothing else, so not completing everything would have no adverse effect if you didn't like that fetish to start with. For example, say you finish the bestiality sidequests. You'd unlock a stable with free, replenishing horses, and a dog partner, either of which can be fucked at will. Male characters would have similar strings of sidequests in all these flavors as well, up to and including gay content, both man-on-man and dickgirl-on-man flavors.



This. Or Cladia's Little Secret for Skyrim.

And Oblivion's BBB for Skyrim.

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I visualize the female vampire lord form as something much different that we see in Vanilla Skyrim. Something sexy/scary not butt-ugly/scary.


I picture a creature similar to the succubus mods for oblivion.

-Larger or at least more bat like wings instead of the atrophied, nearly web less ones we get, and a tail.

-Skin more red or purple like Dremora or Mazken and certainly less wrinkly.

-Noticeably female features both face and body and keep their hair.


I imagine it would be able to use the default animations so this is really just a mesh and textures.





http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/22903 ...wings are to way to small IMHO


I'm sure somebody is already working on something like this, at least I hope so.

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:idea: Anyone interested in making a UNPB-BBP forsworn mod?

I know it's been over-done but here's a twist.

kinda rusty chainmail instead of the leopard or leather.

preferrably using the nipple tweak. not too transparent but just a little. lose the bag and replace the bones with, you guessed it, chainmail. rusty but still a bit of shine. Shorten up the flaps to reduce thigh clip. I know this would appeal to all..

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Honestly, my dream mod would have to be better animations, along the lines of more varied combat animations, fluid, weighty movements, and rotating idles. Like having three or four sets of three or four animations that flow together when you swing a sword rather than having the same thing barrel out each time only changing when you accidentally hit w-a-s-d intending to dodge, and things like if you play in third person having your character be able to swivel it's waist and head to look left or right, or have walking like in Assassin's Creed where you kind of slide and put your foot out to slow yourself down before swiveling and changing direction.


And finally, by rotating idles I mean maybe having your character scratch their chin or shift their footing, maybe do some stretches if you have them standing too long in one spot


I mean, with all the crazy inventive stuff people of hacked and chopped into the elder scrolls and Fallout games, doesn't anyone else notice the distinct lack of interest in making characters seem less robotic?


I know it could be said there is somewhat of a trench between third person and first person players, but if there is enough demand for attractive armor and better static poses why hasn't someone tried making a script for skyrim to randomly call upon different animations.


I know this has to be one of the most overused lines right now, but if a game like WoW had rotating idles (if repetitive and predictable) back in 2004, and every other third person game under the sun at least had a rudimentary understanding of momentum by 2008...



Why am I constantly having the nagging thought i'm playing The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with upgraded graphics? NPCs in that game usually had one pose, were primarily either quadriplegic or paraplegic in their arms, walked in one set pathing, and turned their head to look at you as you walked by. Oh, and they might have said the same inane and annoying thing in repeat----In 1997.


Does any of that sound familiar?


My dream mod is something that overhauls the entire animation system and rids everything of that.

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Mod that allows you to build a harem thru seduction or capture/rape. Have them birth your kids, get those kids to age thru time magic. Then get said offspring to conquer the world. Mothers who were seduced would have offspring less likely to rebel against you, while raped mothers are the opposite. Loyal offspring can send bk willing women to add to your harem, while those on the rebellious side would be obligated to send back anything willing or not as tribute. Rebellious offspring can rise up on their own or band together against you. Personally take the fight to rebellious offspring, or send loyals to deal with it. try and convince them to come back into the fold or kill them to set an example.



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My dream Mod? Give each NPC (and the player) their own private owned wardrobe for outfits and be able have multiple outfits available.


That also means I'd like to see more use of the outfits functionality so you could purchase a whole outfit instead of individual items and even specify specific item combinations as new outfits.


You could then give a NPC a outfit and they could add it to their wardrobe.


Also you could specify a default outfit to wear for when you are at home and when you leave home you could pick the outfit to wear (armor for that next dungeon or everyday clothes for wandering about town).


I've thought about trying to build this MOD myself but I still need to learn a lot about the CK and scripting to get it to work (hidden mannikins to swap to/from?).

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maybe a back story about how everyone in tamrial uses magic spells to magic away the poo from their bowls... lol there are like no bathrooms or out houses anywhere its either that or they poop in the woods like animals :D you never see Lydia pinching off a steamer anywhere :P




A gary Busey follower who talks and looks all crazy all the time


More followers like Painslut


You're not paying attention then. I have come across dozens of buckets wedged into small cut outs in wood floors. What do you think those are for?

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Estrus for Skyrim :angel:

Damn I had fun with it back in Oblivion. With all the tentacles and beastiality and other crazy sick shit.


Best. Mod. Ever.


I actually started using it in HentaiMania's dungeons mod as an exploit. Alot of the enemies are really tough, but also female, cast estrust, enjoy the show and kill em while they're "indisposed". :D

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I'd settle for a mod that focuses on dragons only. They are supposed to be smart and strong, yet all we see is the flying around and making noise until they are full of arrows. Well, it should be less flying and more noise if they catch you or female NPC unaware.


Strong story would have to be there too. Like "how" dragonborn were made, exactly, and what the dragons expect from our heroine, if they all are male. Maybe from a few hapless bandits too :P

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I'm actually just simply waiting for a mod that has a companion thats literally "half-dragon" and they could transform between dragon or human and you had to protect them or something like that. But that would cause a lot of problems :D


But I guess I"ll take a mod that makes AI's in the game tens times smarter and more realistic.

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I want a little bit. Just to increase the weight slider from eating and decreased with time or from running. This mod you can download from Nexus but for some reason it did not work reducing weight while running to me((( Anywhere else this kind of mods I have not seen(

P.S. sorry for my bad english.

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Just a few of my top wishes real quick because it's late... I plan to paste a (mostly) fully fleshed out mod idea up here in the not-to-distant future when I get the time. (Divided up into Spoiler tags, of course.)



1. - GROUP SEX ANIMATIONS! - My biggest heartbreak in the Oblivion and Skyrim lovers content has been how ridiculously hard it is to make good group sex animations. With all the rape, slavery, and monster-sex mod material out there it is a terrible shame that when a character gets raped by a gang of enemies (or just induces a friendly, Joburg powered orgy), that they all patiently wait their turn and do it one at a time. That and Joburg derails a lot of the action by making the eager, lusty masses masturbate instead of rutting, as opposed to simply something to ease the pain of having to patiently wait their turn.


2. - Rougher sex animations, and a greater variety of them - For all the vocal desire for rape content, a lot of the animations (in Oblivion at least) were very gentle. Don't get me wrong, gentle can be good, I just don't think that's what most of us are going for. More often than not if a character is having sex in one of my games, it's either because they are getting raped or because they lost their patience and forced themselves onto a somewhat more willing partner.


Ultimately it's probably just a matter of taste. At the end of the day I want the sex in my game to be some mix of brutal and enthusiastic; between powerful, dangerously endowed men (or monsters) with no shortage of stamina or the associated fluids with which to show their appreciation, and voluptuous, fertile women with bodies that can (and eagerly do) take that kind of abuse... :heart:


(All that said, the 5 positions in the Japanese mod for Skyrim are a pretty solid mix of sensual and powerful. I can work with more content like that.)


3. - Fluids! - I think a fair chunk of us could say we really wish there was some way of reasonably faking fluids. From actual cumshots, to milk dripping from full BBP breasts, to a system like the one posted earlier suggesting that sperm had to be physically removed by squatting and letting it drain out, otherwise most of it stayed inside while the rest ran down your character's thighs...



Put all three of these together and you have rough gang-rapes where the offenders rotate in and out of taking advantage of whatever orrifice and/or surfaces that get get a hold of, while filling and coating the user with copious quantities of (fake fluid physics) cum... Sounds like a dream-come-true-mod! :heart:~~:D~~:heart:

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