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What's Your Dream Mod? (Free for all)

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A real Naga race, with her own skeleton and movement (same like Medusa in Smite). 😍



No a basic human/argonian race with dragon tail as a leg.



Not so easy to achieve, but it would be so good.



There is a race of centaur, maybe there will be some Nagas someday.


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Torture mod with more pain-based tortures. Gore related tortures and eventual deaths rather than instant deaths, ideally with agony sound effects! The sadist in me would DIE.


Non-sexual pc slavery options, Death Alternative is awesome but not in the way that sex-based mods allow for anyone that defeated you to enslave. What's more, SD for example gives activities to perform for your master regardless...like gathering items, shopping, dancing, in addition to sex demands. DA on other hand sometimes you're just in a cage till execution.


Border collie follower. No, seriously.

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Due to the new SKSE for Special Edition isn't out yet I have fired up my old Oldrim installation again and cleaned it out to be as lightweight as possible for Tropical Skyrim. Preparing that thing isn't easy but for now it works with some minor issues like that the snow have been replaced with flowers, the SAME flower and everywhere including on the beaches so far not game breaking but I will need to track that down.


Anyway I would love to see more love for this mod with more stuff to make it immersive. These things would include things like altering the weather, tropical versions of Frostfall and similar mods so the goal isn't to keep warm but avoid overheating! Tropical outfit replacers for not just the ladies but also the men. I also converted the icebergs to rocks but that just make them into floating rocks, well you get the idea. Maybe block npc's from speaking about how could it is and so on, maybe persuade warriors to wear lighter armor...



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On 9/4/2018 at 10:38 AM, Ghrolath(blabla77777) said:

Fully functioning Vore mod(monster predators, not other humans).  I just want my poor Olivia to get gobbled up by horrible beasts, is that so wrong?

i have dragon animations at least:



sadly my killmove replacer still needs scripts that i can't provide.


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On 9/4/2018 at 7:38 PM, Ghrolath(blabla77777) said:

Fully functioning Vore mod(monster predators, not other humans).  I just want my poor Olivia to get gobbled up by horrible beasts, is that so wrong?

Not exactly the kind of mod I am after but that farmer that are driving a cow to a giant camp, others could have similar ideas. Both giants and dragons could be given offerings by people and these need not always be cows. Maybe they are giving them young women as well. If so, it is't the presence of guards that determines the willingness of the intended sacrifice but whatever she is bound or not. The unwilling ones probably appreciate a rescue, the more fanatical one, not so much. They could be added to giant camps and dragon roosts as well. Giants are more likely to turn them into servants rather then eating them even thou they may do that as well. Dragons on the other hand are not known for keeping pets thou in rare cases they could. Those, in the longrun could become a new generation of dragon priests. 

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On 3/3/2018 at 5:09 PM, crackedmoon said:

A slavery mod that effectively turns the player into a daedric prince(ess) of succubi. You capture the souls of the inhabitants of Skyrim and either destroy them to maintain your own form in skyrim, use the power to improve your deadric realm, or transport them to your realm to be tortured and broken to your will.


-        If you run out of soul power you must feed on those you have already captured, failing that you perish forever


-        Improving your realm means more torture devices and more daedra to perform the torture


-        Captured slaves can be summoned like regular daedra


-        Dying returns you to your realm, naked and humiliated, but ready to plague Skyrim once more




There are so many mods around succubi and slavery, I just think it’d be fitting to put them together, not to mention… immersive.


Nice one. If can be combined with this:


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A menu I can activate in order to do things in the currently playing animation. For example, I'm playing an animation, I press a button *pop* a menu pops up and allows me to do things to the current animation like pull hair, have an animation for position changing, close an actor's mouth, smack, etc. I know that OSex exists but I didn't really like it, because I didn't have any, uh unique animations like most of FunnyBizness animation's.


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On 9/8/2018 at 1:31 PM, abandonallh0pe said:

I wanna be able to make NPC's marry or be pregnant with creatures

This sounds awesome.

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My "dream mod" would be a very lightweight bondage accessory mod for MALE characters, including and especially male Khajiit.  It wouldn't have any requirements except SKSE, SOS, and "vanilla" Skyrim (and I mean only Skyrim, not HF, DG, or DB).


The accessories would consist of a collar, a set of nipple rings/loops, a set each of wrist and ankle cuffs, a glans piercing (Prince Albert, I think I mean?) which would not act as a chastity item, a cock cage on a chastity belt which would also deny anal entry, and could hold something in the male, and of course a plug to use with it.  The nipple and penis piercings would vibrate and shock (though probably not both at once), as would the plug, and they would increase arousal, if the mod checked for SexLabAroused and found it (for instance).  Keys would be required to remove the collar, cuffs, and belt/cage, and some sort of tool to remove the piercings would be necessary (based on the "tongs" nif from vanilla).


It wouldn't need MCM to configure, because the shock/vibrate events would just happen, maybe every 3-4 game hours.  A shock from the piercings would affect mana regen; a shock from the plug or collar would affect stamina regen.


Applying an item would give the PC a message box to the effect of "You feel the slight constriction of the collar (belt, cuffs) as it locks around your neck (waist, ankles, wrists).  Applying an item to an NPC might give a message box to the effect of "<Target's Name> catches his breath as you slide the piercings through his nipples (penis)" or "<Target's Name> clenches his teeth as you force the toy into his body (lock the cuffs around his wrists, whatever, you get the idea)".


Items and of course their keys would be scattered throughout Skyrim in various unlikely boxes, barrels, or bags, and might even be lootable from defeated enemies.  (Okay, not from dragons or wolves or something... unless the dragon or wolf happened to eat someone who had a key or a set of nipple rings in his pocket.... hmmm....)


Although the mod would not require anything but the above, it would "play nice" with other bondage mods; that is, it might check to see if a DeviousDevices mod was present, and if so, share those scripts.  If it found SexLab Aroused scripts, it would use them as needed.  If not, it would carry on with its own basics.  If SLAC was in use, it *would* open or remove the belt so the creature could use the man, OR, it might use an oral only animation. 


There would be no "female models" of the items, because they would be strictly for use on males and male beasts.  (And I guess werewolves?  Are those beasts?)


It would be extremely "script-light".


It would not require the use of any MOs or NMMs or any of that stuff, but would be a simple "Drop the ESP, BSA, Script, and SEQ folders into your Data Folder, and go!"


And if I knew more about scripting than "Oh god, I better ask for help", I'd do this myself.  In fact, I already have the message boxes done, the LeveledItem loot lists made, and the accessories made and textured, though I haven't fitted them to a body yet, don't know how to make 'em lock or vibrate, and have no clue how to make a script go "Hey, is ThisOtherMod here?  If so, Use ThisOtherMod's scripts.  If not, Carry on by yourself".  (TL;DR, I have the mod made already, with no scripts because I stink at scripting!)


(slight side rant -- Why is there so much stuff for females, but so little for males?  Why is there so much stuff for enslaving/dominating females, and so little for males?  Why are there so many "dominant male" options, and so few dominant female options?  Why are there so many submissive female options, and so few submissive male options?  Why is there so much girl-girl stuff, and so little boy-boy stuff?  Sheesh!  Some of us women appreciate other women, but prefer men, remember, folks?)


Anyway, that's my dream!




(edit, Woops, spelling error)

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Mine is somewhat simple: being able to start in a family. Then you'd have options to choose if you wanna be a single child or have siblings and how many and their age, and of course since it's a dream mod they would be voiced and would recognize you as their relative.

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